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Lowes in Mineral Wells, Texas - Overcharged

I went to Lowes on Tuesday and priced shingles. They were $24.95 a bundle. After talking, pricing, and looking with co-manager on Tuesday. On Sunday,I went to the store ordered and ask if they could hold them until July. I paid for the shingles and looking at my receipt I informed Crystal this was not the price I was quoted. She informed me this is what the computer prints. I was charged $27.98 for thirty squares, this made my bill over $300.00 more than I wanted wanted to spend. I was informed that I would have to come back to Weatherford on Monday and talk to the manager. I was to bring back my receipt and the ad in to get the price.
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Why didn't you just cancel the transaction as soon as you realized it wasn't the correct price? Why is it you say you "went to Lowes" and then you say you have to "bring the ad"?

Was it in the ad, or did you see it at the store? Why are you trying to rip off Lowes?

My baby's momma's daddy's milk money depends on people spending the appropriate amount of money at Lowe's. Why don't you want my baby's momma's daddy to have milk?

Fat Mart cart rider

Yep another lamer


Another typical customer thinking they deserve last weeks sale price.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Missouri City, Texas - $8,500 flooring boo boo wrong glue......

august 09 bought bamboo solid flooring from lowes missouri city tx $8,500 sales person sold me water base glue i installed 85 cases of flooring within weeks the new flooring started to cup with in months the floor started to turn black and bow up in many places i contacted the store to let them know there was a problem after months of no answers from lowes the district mgr said basically too bad not our problem because i installed the flooring my self ...who sold who the wrong glue really good employee training what do you think??????? some one help!!!!!s
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We ordered solid bamboo from Lowes and asked them to include glue. We expected the home improvement professionals to know what they were doing.

Sent water based glue and same problem. Lesson to learn here is that Lowes associates are not experts and many times are as ignorant as the do it yourselfer.


probably should have researched yourself, we are not responsible for your ignorance


Stop buying hippie ***. Shoulda bought walnut. That's a man's wood.


...which would have also come up using water-based glue..


We were told bt the store employee to use the water based glue. After all this they are still selling the same glue for bamboo floors :upset :sigh :cry


I've heard of many complaints with poorly made bamboo that cups and bows after installation. It may just be a bad product.

Lowe's should refund no matter what reason the floor is defective. They should stand by their product and their word.


That's the problem when someone decides to do it themselves, especially when a problem arises. It then turns into a "He said, No I didn't" thing. I'm just wondering if the associate said NOT to use that certain type of glue if you were going to do it yourself.

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Lowes in Livingston, Texas - Denied military dicount local contractor

I am a Viet Nam vet. I was denyed a military discount. I showed all types of ID and was told you no longer practiced it. Either give to me or tell me how to get it or I will no longer shop at LOWES. I have spent 10,000 of dollars with this store . If you do not consider me a valueable cgrgkomer I will also view my oppinion in the local paper. I tolerate the lack of employee service because there are not enough to go around. It is discussed by every one in the community.Michael Wells
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military discounts are for people who are currently in the military. you are not.

therefore, you are not entitled to the military discount. get over it.

Fat Mart cart rider

Ok ***. Military discounts first of all are for personal use only.

Not for your business to make money off of your Gimp***. Second of all noone cares how much money you have spent in any store you are no better than the person who spent $1 in my store all year. Stop using how much money u say you spent as an excuse to get better treatment.

3rd, if u want a 10% discount come work at Lowes. We have to work for it , u don't do ***

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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Lwes did not deliver products

Purchased a cook stove and microwaves oven on a Monday, June 7th. It was to be installed the following Friday. They did not show up at precribed time. I called the manager with inquiry. He was to call back next day. Did not. After numerous trips and calls to the store, I gave up after a week. Each trip resulted in a different manager who knew nothing about my problem. Today, Monday June 14 I'm told by a different manager that my purchases are on back order. Their attitude-"Go somewhere else-I don't care". I will go somewhere else!
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Lowes does not care about their customers

I ordered carpet from Lowes almost a month ago to be installed in a condo I recently purchased. This has been the biggest battle to get it ordered, delivered and installed. I have been told lies, or told nothing at all, not been informed of delays in the production of the carpet until I called the store. Employees don't call you back or do what they promised. After several weeks of waiting for the carpet I was told I had to choose another carpet and it would be sent out immediately, that's wasn't so either. In fact, it's a week later and they still don't have the carpet. I was told installers were on standby to install the carpet as soon as it arrived but that's not so either. They still haven't installed it and said it will be another week before they can get to it. I am through with Lowes, they got my money, but not again. They absolutely do not care about their customers or give any kind of customer service or strive to make situations like this right. I will close my account with them and go elsewhere.
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Lowe's is a joke. It took 25 minutes just to have a couple of keys made.

It was probably sapphie there tat made them. knuckle-dragging mouth breathers.


wow, id be mad too, especially if i already paid them and they kept giving me empty promises like that, how lame!

sapphie your a c-u-n-t. i bet you'd be livid too if you paid for a much needed d-o-u-c-h-e and didnt recieve it.



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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Sales associate

I am an employee of Lowes and I found that there is discrimation. I was hired to be a commercial sales specialist. Only to find that I was a cashier/csa. The commercial specialist in my dept. where able to sit around and get upset with me when the call list was not done. I was hired to be an apartment rep by the store manager. After his contract was up (2 YEARS BTW) I was only there for less than. I was sent on my way after filing sexual harrasment charges against my sales manager. Not only did I but others as well. Lost my Job asked for a transfer and denied. Told no job available.
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Lowes Manager

Lowes commercial accounts.......what a joke

I have worked with Lowes for 2 years now in Dothan, Al. I am their delivery driver for commercial sales. I have never seen in my life, the amount of neglect ever given to customers as this company does. Contractors are constantly giving me *** over late deliveries, wrong items ordered and damaged products. Nobody at any level in the store gives a *** about pulling orders for contractors. The commercial sales salesmen are supposed to pull the orders and get them ready for delivery. That rarely happens. If I ask for help from anyone ( my own associates ) I get told " Im to busy", but they'll stand around and bullschit all day, or play computer games. Management included. Bottom line is: I hate this job. And I urge all customers to take their business elsewhere. Lowes isnt worth it. They are like the Walmart of the DIY world............ jerks !
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I had a fridge delivered from Lowes, the delivery was an hour late. My neighbor had a couple pallets of soil and stone delivered, it was delivered the wrong day.

My parents had 3 pallets of pavers and sand delivered it was 5 hours late. in all cases the driver was apologetic but maybe this is something Lowes should really take a look at.


Good luck with that, Seth, I am sure there are lots of "Seth's" working at Lowes. It is best to leave on your own conditions anyway.

Looks better when you are applying for a new job.

If they ask why you want to quit your job, say "career change" looking for something new. Don't complain about others or else you will look like a complainer.


You make it sound like you are the only one doing their job. Seriously you are not a team player. There is no I in team, grow up or quit.


the last thing on earth that I'd ever be afraid of, is Lowes firing me......... Maybe thats why Im here ? ( wink wink )


Hey Seth,

Don't you think maybe you're giving a little too much detail about yourself to make these comments? You know companies like Lowe's has people to scan the 'net for this kinda stuff right?

You told your name, your store location, and your title.

I'd either delete this or start looking for another job. Just a thought.



Do yourself a favor, quit this job and find one you like. Life's too short to stay in a job you hate.

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Lowes in Lubbock, Texas - Terrible Customer Service, Rude, Lazy Floor Staff

After buying my home I went to Lowe's in Lubbock, TX. to spend some serious money on new washer/dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, custom oak blinds, french doors, glass storm door and more. I could find nobody to assist me in the appliance or door area. When I scheduled installation of the dishwasher I asked if the custom blind measurements could be done at the same time. I was told no, it was two different departments. This was a floor sales person, not install. dept. She refused to call service dept. to even ask. This man came and installed my dishwasher, which I took off work to meet him. Two days later I took off work again for the windows to be measured and it was the same guy, which she said was not possible. Then there's the lady who cuts the blinds. She was beyond rude, I have no idea why but she was so nasty and impatient with me that I ended up yelling for her supervisor, who refused to come mediate. I asked to speak to the store manager and was told he/she was in a meeting. The more upset I got with her behavior the more she enjoyed it. The next day I told my realtor about my experience with this woman and he knew who I was referring to. He said he had seen her in action and that she was the most obnoxious person he'd ever come across at this store. I was glad to hear this because I had started to question my sanity. Lowe's in Lubbock is the absolute worst place to go unless you love to be treated like a dog pile. Upper management at the Lubbock store does not give a rat's butt about how customers are treated and hide behind their apathetic underlings to get people out the door. Sutherland's is the only place for me now. I raised a wall and installed granite on my own. I had questions and Sutherland's staff went out of their way to assist me. As a result they have my money and business forever. I will never step foot in a Lowe's store ever again as long as I can find what I need elsewhere.
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I work at lowes for 18 years I can't get any help from them in their department every time customers ask for help I tried to help from them seem I can get any help from them they to selfish to help customers lowes need to improve their skills start by helping customers this don't make any sense they i can't help their customers


Today January 18th 2011, I went to Lowes, to get material for a project. I needed a piece of wood (untreated) it was a eight foot long piece of wood and I needed it cut down into two pieces, I seen a Lowes guy stocking up some wrench sets on the floor by were I was, so I ask, "excuse me Sir, i need this piece of wood cut down four feet, for a total of two peices", he already appeared annoyed because his old lazy *** had to stock wrenches and I had the "nerve" to ask for his help.

Anyway after he made the call over the loud speaker twice, he asked if anyone came over, obviously not if I am still standing here, so I went to the project desk and this other old piece of *** is just looking at me like "WTF you want", at this time I am starting to get pissed off because I have given these *** the upmost respect and i was being treated like ***. "So i asked, "excuse me sir, I need a peice wood cut into two pieces, this *** off, just stares at me and then said "ask him" so that was the last straw, I said "ok now you *** are *** me off"

The point is this if you work at Lowes, it is because YOU chose that job not me, so therefore you need to take pride in what you do and not be mad at me because I have a freaking life and I want to build something, I am not there for your punkass, your are there for me so take initiative and do your damm job, if you do not know the answer, fine, at least make me your priorty to get the answer.

If you have a problem with what I said, then I am talking to your punkass, take pride in yourself and your job.


You people amuse me. 1st of all Lyn is a lier.

Dishwashers are installed by delivery drivers. Blinds are measured and installed by a PSE. Which is what I am. yes you have to have contracting experience to have my job.

And yes people that work at Lowes od have answers, 1st off don't ask a window licker cashier for answers. Look for the employee that seems to be answering questions, the one you found hiding in the shadows not helping anyone probably doesnt know ***. Also remember Lowes is a place for you to buy material so someone who knows what they r doing can build your house, or complete your project. Nowhere in our add does it say, "let me build it for you, or i'll tell you how".

And yes the most obvious answer is not everyone will have a answer for you.

Be patient, grow up, and remember you don't know thats why you went ot Lowes, we sell it all and if your patient we have answers. Lyn your a ***.


You go to Lowe's because it cost less then the local hardware store or lumberyard. So they higher collage kids and retired people who learn what they can from the contractors that come in to the store.

I am a former Lowe's employ. Some times I just had to say I do not know. But I was just a cashier. Also if your in a hurry the people that know everything are usually busy.

and you have to wait to talk to them. And if you come off short and are a *** to the employees.

They will act dumb and wont share there knowledge with you. I hate waiting also but you just have to be polite and people will try to help you the best they can.


I have worked for Lowe's myself and the employees behavior is sometimes based upon how the management treats them. If management treats them like a back burner thats how the employees perform their work duties and customer service. I am guilty myself. When mangement treated me like a piece of ***, I felt like that's the kinda of attitude to have.

For the person that is complaining about her deliveries not ebing delivered the next day, some stores may only have several truck drivers and if they cant get your purchases delivered to you the next day then that means that they are swompped with deliveries and if you are closer to the end of the day delivery then, think about all the deliveries they had that day and take that into consideration.


By the way, there is just to much hosility in thsi world today and I think everyone needs to take a chill pill and calm down and take into consideration that everyone is NOT perfect.


your honest commentary is quite entertaining and refreshing. Thanks for setting all of us *** straight. on the other hand, go screw yourself


Alright you idiots I work for Lowe's and all customers want to do is *** and complain. You have no idea how many *** *** customers come in with questions that should be answered by a licensed contractor and get pissy when you can't cater to their every need.

Customers suck and I could care less about the people that come into my store. To me it's just a part time job that I could give two *** about. Yes the managers don't give a *** about customers or employees but like I said I don't care either so whatever.

For every store there might be about 3 people that actually care about their job and those people are usually the ones who never went to school or aren't in school. So my advice to you is suck it and quit being a bunch of ***


After all the problems I have had with Lowes, I will never shop there again. Went there to purchase a gas stove, found the one I liked and told the salesman I would like to purchase it. He went off somewhere to check and see if it was available and after an extended wait, he finally came back and said he didn't have it. I asked about buying the store model and he said they didn't like to sell them. I found another one and the same routine took place and they didn't have it either. Finally he agreed to sell me the floor model so I decided to get it. They always advertise next day delivery but I bought it on a Tuesday and it was Sunday before it could be delivered. When writing up the sale he never mentioned an extended warranty but charged me for one anyway which I didn't notice right away. Then when it was finally delivered on Sunday after my having waited all day for it to show up the delivery men were incompent too as I had to tell them how to go about getting it into the house. Also they were supposed to remove the packing materials but didn't. I was so frustrated by all the problems that I finally just sat down and cried. Needless to say I will never buy anything else from Lowes and will tell everyone I know about my experience with them.



Lyn, you are correct. It should not matter whether the customer is buying a box of nails or a new kitchen.

Every employee deserves courtesy and every cutomer deserves the same. I refer to the person who carries groceries to my car as sir or ma'am. I worked in retail as well as bartending many years ago. Trust me, I know what it feels like to be treated poorly.

When I was told the window measurements could not be scheduled for the same time as the dishwasher installation I did not complain or get upset. I was bugged when the same person showed up both times, rightfully so, eh? I never called to complain. I did not march in waving a wad of cash, I came in looking for merchandise and not only could not find help, was treated badly.

Since I was not a regular customer nobody would have been hiding from me after seeing me. Poor management is poor management. It's pretty bad when you ask to see the store manager and are denied contact completely. I could have gone to the home office but decided it's easier to walk than to ask why this happened.

I think Governor Perry is more accessible than the store manager. It was bizarre.

Never experienced anything like this. You have a nice day as well, Lyn.


I hear customers complain all the time that they are dissatisfied about customer service in any home improvement store. Maybe it has to do with customers comming in and expecting to be aloud to treat the employees like ***...

be rude and obnoxious because you think you can because youre spanding a few dollars in a store. I would never treat people the way that I have been treated by customers.

There are some employees that actually hide when they see customers because they are afraid that if they do something that may not be to the liking of the customer that they will get fired.

I am not saying that every customer is that way, but every employee of home improvement stores would appreciate a little bit of respect, instead of being talked down too and looked down upon.

Have a nice day.


You are absolutely right about not asking floor staff for advice. Lowe's knew nothing about communicating between departments to coordinate home installations.

When I was at Sutherland's the staff was knowledgeable about their product and very professional. I actually did chase down the customers you described and asked questions about the litle renovation project I was doing. Amazing how a polite question to a complete stranger will gain a wealth of information.

I understand if I want to do something I can go buy a book. The lack of professionalism, courtesy, and understaffing altogether at Lowe's in Lubbock was what got me.


I am sorry to hear about your dilema...Piece of advice...Never talk to Lowe's employees. They know nothing of the building trades and lowe's does not want to hire people with knowledge in the trades.

keeps them uneducated and thus allowing lowes to pay them next to nothing. If you need advice when in lowe's look for the guy thats dirty and looks like he had been on a job site, although this guy will never be a lowe's employee but he will have more knowledge than any of the people in that store who used to flip burgers.

Or better yet if you are unsure about your project...Lowe's is absolutely the last place you want to go for info. Better off at your local owned hardware and lumber store...Places like that actually hire contractors and people with experience in the trades...go figure actually hiring people that can help you...Lowe's should pick up on this!


Working for Lowes sucks. Customers have god complexes and managers reaffirm their delusions.

Just because you show up right as someone is going on break or is leaving for the day does not magically mean they should be forced to postpone their break or stay later. You should consider yourself lucky that someone gets another associate to assist you so they can leave or go on break instead of just flipping you off and walking away. And don’t act like you are “cool” with someone’s decision to do so and then report them later in an effort to get something for nothing and/or cause problems for the person.

And yes, you are a *** for coming in 1 minute before someone is slated to leave for the day on Christmas eve when they are chomping it to bit to get the *** out of there and go home to their family and ordering a heavy, *** high shelved stove to take with you. Doing this is going to literally cause the person a pain in the *** because they’ll either have to get it down off of a high shelf using dangerous equipment themselves or find someone to do it for them (which can at times be like finding a needle in a haystack), then they’ll be forced to load it into your vehicle delaying their exit by several minutes.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes = Lazy

I needed 10 bags of sand and 10 bags of top soil. This guy in landscaping told me he didn't have any sand so I should go to contracting and he'd meet me there with the top soil. 30 minutes later he's STILL not there. Also, there's NO ONE to get me the sand in contracting so after he got there he had to go get it anyway. He'd having a very hard time working as he pants are barely hanging on to his hips with his ugly gray underwear. He said it took him a long time as he was the only one working which was a lie. He was standing there talking to an employee when he told me he'd help. He had the biggest case of the "give a sh_ts" I've ever seen.
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You are really complaining about some lazy employee when you could've just gotten it yourself and been gone out the door. Look every business has lazy subpar employees, kinda like there are lazy subpar humans.

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Lowes dont talk about jesus in ther box

was talking about Jesus in a private conversation was terminates but heard others talking about driving home drunk satin worship one guy was selling drugs right out of the store to other employees. so since they don't like Jesus in there box its company policy but all the rest is OK ill go some where else.they didnt put me into the position hired for it was supposed to be full time but turned into part time. then i ws supposed to be in gardening at a higher payscale.ended up they put me in back of truck unloading frieght.
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*** satin worshippers. Cotton is the one true fabric, don't be deceived.


Tom, you inane comment was a personal attack and had nothing at all to do with the issue. You need to go buy some spray paint and get back to taggin alleys



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