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Lowes in Austin, Texas - Damaged merchandise/order/receiveq

Custom interior door: Installer measured 10/2/17 Quote received 10/5/17 Ordered door 10/10/17 Complaint: Lowes called That door was in which was expected11/6/18. Installer went to pick up door and door dept told him they could NOT find it. Said it was lost! Reordered door. Said it would be in 1/2018. Lowes called it was in. When installer went to get door, it was DAMAGED! They asked to reorder a 3rd time and we said absolutely not. We went to competitor. We have told our our friends and neighbors DO NOT order anything custom from Lowes especially “custom”! I did not listen to my gut which said DO NOT order ANYTHING from Lowes again. Stupid me did it anyway! U ordered s dishwasher in 2/10/18. Received call that one was on backorder until 8/18! Picked another one and it came in damaged. The third time reordered it came in damaged again! Fourth time the appliance dept offered me an upgraded dishwasher for the horrible customer service. It did come in undamaged andcwas installer 4/4/18. The only good thing about this scenario I that we did get upgrade and the installer John Collins was awesome! Your timeline for delivering a product in a timely manner to a customer and NOT damaged is Rated a big fat ZERO! You guys need to get your act together as I’ve talked to many many people and they have had similar incidents with Lowes. There are competitors who do an incredibly better job than Lowes even though their prices might be $50 more. We are very disappointed and won’t be buying any big items there again. I think we might be safe buying paint brushes, garden hoses, etc. Things that you can look at with your own eyeballs. I have ALL the paperwork and you do too. Oh and forgot to say when we tried to get the door refunds!! The customer service desk basically rolled there eyes as they can’t be bothered with this problem and then after we waited about 10 minutes at the desk someone came and did the refund transaction so fast, without explaining that we had to go home and review that it was corrected right and ALL the paid up front (merchandise, labor, installer estimate, other accessories needed for installation was refunded. If this happened to you personally how would you feel about shopping here again.
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Lowes Door Installation
Reason of review
Order processing issue

Lowes in Austin, Texas - Problem solving Capability of Manager

I bought a brand new washer from Lowes on 13201 Ranch 620 North bldg G Austin TX. The washer was delivered about 1:00 PM on 8/16/2017. The delivery people started the washer immediately it started leaking. After several times calling the store on 8/16/17, I was told they will contact me. I was never contacted on 8/16/17. I called on 8/17/17 about 7:00 AM and spoke to Daniel Gonzales, to give me when people will come and fix the problem (the washer was already paid in full and money for 5 years of maintenance waranty ). He complained repeatedly about my accent and I am not listening what he has to say. After speaking with for 15 minutes, I still did not a time frame for the appointment. He told he will call me does not know when he will call me?? Just a warning to customers that the Lowes stores get fully paid and you are on your own.
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Samsung Electronics Washing Machine
  • With a brand new non functional washer
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Repair the leaking of water. In the case it is not repairable REFUND the money

Lowes in Austin, Texas - Replacement windows issuesat the State Ave store ! UNPLEASANT!!!

I'm was interested in replacing 39 windows for my residence. I had a very pleasant Lowes Rep. Come to my residence to give me a quote. The quote was $34,000. I also had two other bids. From other Reps. One of which was $12,000 less than Lowe's bid. I received 2 phone Calls from the Lowe's Rep. Stating that she never "pulls this card", which was her "BIRTHDAY CARD" trying to entice me to accept her Lowe's bid. I felt like ***!!! Then she called me back 5 hours later to ask if I had made my decision? I informed her that my Project Manager had confirmed the deal with the Pella Rep., which was $12,000 less than her bid. She informed me that she had performed "A lot of work" to provide me with the quote.(less than few hours day). I abruptly informed her how long it takes me to earn $34,000 to replace windows in my home. I can honestly experience was unpleasant...! I was made to feel like *** because I did my research and found the better deal... "Strong Arming"is never a pleasant experience, and to state that it's your birthday...and I'm expected to pay $12,000 more to a complete stranger is ABSOLUTELY LUCRIDIOUS!!!
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Lowes Replacement
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Veterans Discount Review

I went to Lowes in Kyle Tx while checking out I asked for a veterans discount they explained I needed proof I was discharged in 1970 and no longer have an active ID came back with my DD214 manger said they were sorry and told me he would speak to them. I went back today was checking out showed them my DD 214 they said that was not good after they called over two managers they said they would take it this time but I needed to get an Military ID. Terrible way to treat Vietnam vets I will go to Home Depot in the future.
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Boycott Lowes!!

They are scamming consumers with cheap products then lying to cover their ***! Every major appliance I've purchased at Lowes has broken down within a year and they refuse to remedy the situation. They are also very rude about it. We bought a Bosch washer/dryer that litteraly fell apart within the first year. The glass door fell off the washer, the plastic around the doors cracked--have to use a large board against dryer door to keep it closed. I recently bought a Samsung fridge, it's now just another large piece of *** that I'll have to pay to haul off-- it's less than a year old. The list could go on....
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buy extended protection plans next time. nothing is guaranteed to last anymore these days. then you wouldnt have this situation all the time


you should get what you pay for. Most people live on a budget that you don't buy something unless you really need it. Then you expect it, to do what they say, If a product isn't what they say it is they should buy from some one else working people trust the stores to check out products before they sell them


and here's yet another *** that thinks the store, in this case Lowe's, created the products that he bought. I recently went food shopping at Walmart, I got some Cheerios which is made by General Mills. I guess Walmart had a little factory out back to create the products and they put the manufacturer's name on the box to look pretty.


Lowe's Guy, to my knowledge, neither Bosch or Samsung are U.S, companies, therefore you discussion of outsourcing is not relevant.


Your are about Bosch and Samsung. Lowe's didn't manufacture them.

Those items also come with a factory warranty.

Lowe's will offer an extended warranty which you obviously didn't purchase. Why complain about Lowe's and not bash the companies that actually made the products with which you are unhappy?


It is correct that The Manufactuer Warranties the product for a year. Lowe's offers an Extended Protection Plan.

Problem is twofold here. 1. This country outsources many products. why?

well, do we need to go there? 2. Expectaions: Used to be, we only required a washer to wash close and set the machine with a mechanical dial/s. Now consumers expect all digital heat sensing 1800rpm washers that do stuff that requires computerization to get done.

Take your PC and put it on top of your washer and you'll see what happens.

Buy the extended warranty if you want more than a years worth of coverage. It's like insurance.




then why do you buy things at Lowes

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Lowes in Austin, Texas - Store attendant pissed me off

I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb. dog in my arms,as it was very warm outside. When I went to leave, I was confronted by a fat eldery hispanic lady, and told that my dog was not allowed in the store!! She showed me a paper sign that someone made on a computer. I told her that it was not a company notice and that I would not honor it because I knew Lowes was a animal friendly store. She told me that I would not be allowed in the store in the future, I told her to just give me a refund and I would take my business down the road to Home Depot !!!She began to mumble some sort of *** and I said for her to f___k herself and left.. At what point did Lowes change their policy on pets ?? I did go to 2 other stores and there was no kind of notice posted
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I would love to take my German Shepherds to the store but they aren't service dogs so I know they aren't allowed and therefore I don't put people in the position of having to tell me to take my dog out of the store and you shouldn't have either


You knew it was hot when you left with the dog and sorry but dogs don't belong in stores not all of us appreciate having to deal with animals, good or bad they smell bad when hot. :roll


WOW, why was it necessary to say FAT ELDERLY HISPANIC and for her to go F_ _ _ herslef, sounds like there was really no good way to approach you because you just don't like rules. Sorry but most people would understand, its their business and they have the right to inforce the rules like it or not. :p


They Kicked You Out Cuz Your A F**ckin ***.


What! No doggy valet!

Unless it's a Petco, or, your blind, the dog statys outside. With an attitude and language like yours, the other stores probably didn't want to approch you!

Way to resolve the situation in a reasonable manner.


Fat hispanic? You are a rude little person.

Dogs are not allowed in stores unless they are a service animal. Do you take your dog to the corner cafe for lunch?

Didnt think so. So leave the yappy mutt at home and stop moaning about it.


why do people feel the need to bring an animal to the store? what if they chew up something or pee/*** on something?

I'm sure you're the type of *** to argue that you shouldn't have to pay for damage that your pet caused if it happened. you'd tell your dog to pay them in doggy treats. the only animals that should be allowed in a store are service animals. get a life and stop harassing employees just because you can't bring your little dog in the store.

and it's a 6lb dog? what is it, one of those little dogs that fits in your pink purse?


I work for LOWES, official store policy is we allow service animals only, however, its up to store management as to if they are going to honor this policy,At my store we welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes, service or non service. Most people enjoy the animals and we have had minimal confrontations.


Lowes has had a long standing policy that ONLY trained assistance dogs are allowed in the store at any time. No store has any signs that say they welcome dogs.

You are wrong. And you should not be in public if you wish to act like this.


"I went to the lowes store at IH35 so & Stassney located in Austin,Tx. I was carrying my 6.5 lb.


I can stop here and assume you think you are special. Everyone knows you cannot do this. And if you happen to have a dog with you, and it's hot outside, you simply do not go in the store. You drop the dog off at home and go later.

You should not have a dog. You think the rules do not apply to you. Guess what?

They do. :cry :cry :cry

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Lowes has the worst possible customer service.

Their returns associate Luz in Austin Texas was extremely rude. Her attitudes need total revamping. I was shocked how she was yelling at me for a return that was within 40 days of purchase, had receipts and product codes in order!!!! If they want customers to return products within a week, they should say so on their receipts and not advertise a return policy of 90 days!!! Lowe's associates need a total customer service training and paradigm shift. They ensure total customer dissatisfaction. Throughout my life I have always shopped at lowe's -- As of now, I am never shopping at Lowe's again!!.
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I agree, Lowe's customer service is terrible! I too was treated rudely over the phone by a Lowe's employee. I have spent thousands of dollars in their stores, but in the future it will all be going to their competitors.


I've had no problem with customer service at my Lowes in Eastern NC. In fact when I found out that there is a 10% military discount (retired Marine) I mentioned that I had bought over $2400.00 worth of home improvement items over the past 6 months the clerk told me to bring in my receipts and he would give me the discount.

I did...

and she gave me $240.00. No problems at all here!


Lowes has a history of not paying customers their product rebates. If you have had this happen call my cell at 201-926-9200 or email me at

We are bringing claims to get customers their rebates.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


And no Lowes employee will loose any sleep over you not shopping there anymore. When one customer leaves MANY others join.

Regardless of how much money you use to spend at their stores you will not hurt their market share by leaving because they are a CORPORATION. Point being, you will not be missed.

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Lowes store leander texas.

I bought a plant at Lowe's and when I went home I found that my sandals were destroyed. I had walked through what I thought was water only to find that when I got home it was a solvent or chemical of some kind that ate the plastic off the bottom of my sandals. I called the store but it was closed so I called early the next morning and the manager a female called Jennie asked me to bring them in for her to look at which I did. When I showed them to her she appoligized and said she would give me 10% off my next purchase. I told her I automatically got 10% since I was a veteran. So she asked me what she could do for me and I said replace the sandals they cost me $39.95. She said she had no policy that covered that kind of replacement. So I said what do you suggest and she said the best I can do is say we are sorry. I conferred with my wife when I got home and we decided we would never shop at another lowe's which we frequent over home depot. Having been in business before I retired (I am now 72 years old) I would have tried to correct this immediately to the customers satisfaction. Watch want you step in when shopping at Lowe's you are at your own risk.
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I worked in the garden center for 8 yrs. The only chemical that would eat the soles off your sandles would be Muratic acid and it would be eating the concrete up too.

YOu had to have stepped in something BEFORE you got to the store. Fertilizer, bug killer NOTHING will do that, they are all in plastic containers and the soles of your sandles are rubber or plastic. So you shot your self in the foot so to speak. But I see a lot of "old" people who do this and get mad at nothing.

There is no way she could have just handed you the $40 for the sandles. She could have given you a gift card or a discount, which she offered, but you wanted her to replace your cheap sandles ( $40 sandles are cheap not quality in case you didn't know) Try smiling for a change, and try to remember where you were before you got there.


:roll :roll She said sorry tried to give you 10% off. She can't open a register and hand you $39.95 for a pair of sandals (which you can't really prove was destroed there or somewhere else).

A mistake was made somewhere and she tried to fix it.

No need to post here when a manager tries to help... :cry :cry :cry


Yes, if I were the manager I would have given an apology and your $39.95. It doesn't make sense to *** off a potential future customer and saves time to conduct business.

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Lowes in Austin, Texas - GE Money Bank

I am disgusted with GE Money Bank and Lowes. I paid off a credit card loan with Lowes and GEMB, who handles their credit transactions, keeps sending me late fee notices, that increase each month. I have called and written to the company with no luck. If anyone is having similar problems with this company and know of anyway that a Class Action Lawsuit could be filed, I'm all for joining in that cause. They are ruining my credit. Whatever happened to good old customer satisfaction? Has anyone else had this problem with GEMB and in particular, their connection with Lowes?
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What is the problem with paying back money you borrowed, under the terms you agreed to? If you don't want to be indebted to someone, don't borrow.

If you do borrow, don't borrow beyond your means and ability to pay it back in a timely fashion, as agreed.

Credit cards are a nice convenience to paying cash and give you flexibility in paying the balance over time. Use them correctly and they are a great tool. I tend to pay the balance in full, except larger purchases where I may pay back over a few months.

I pay very little in interest doing it that way.

Who in their right mind finances a consumer item with a credit card at a high double digit interest rate and makes only a minimum payment? Get a handle on your finances and take control.

Be responsible instead of blaming the bank. Be the master instead of the slave.


Need a class action lawsuit against ge. lowes. They definitly arent dealing off the top of the deck.


So I get my tax return excited about paying off my credit card at Lowes. Go online to their site on FEBRUARY 16, 2012 and there is a screen on LOWES SITE mind you, that allows me to pay a 1700.00 bill (intense interest rates mind you)for 980.30, said one time offer, so ofcourse I jump on it.

Well it is now April and after 4 hours on the phone this morning, they said that that page wasn't them. ALTHOUGH they do show on my statement where I paid that exact amount..Hmmm..I have made minimum monthly payments for years now, like I would just pick such a large and odd number like 980.30 to pay for the heck of it? When I also paid all my other bills of online that same night? I think not.

RIDICUKOUS. Im filing on BBB>


My husband passed away. I paid off our balance on GE Money Bank Lowes card.

I called to inform them of my husband's passing. They went into collector mode, remember at the time I was talking to these people I had a 00 balance. I was passed to 3 people who ask every question possible about myself.The account was in my husband's name I had authorized use of the account. I was told they could open an account for me which was just a way to get more info on me.

Then they said I was turned down. And sent a letter asking for estate information. And labeled it an attempt to collect debt. The account was paid off.

I called and once again was treated as if I was a customer who had skipped out on paying, I made sure there was no outstanding balance there was not.

And then the gentlemen cut me off and hung up on me. Think twice about going in debt to these people.


The exact same thing happened to me , with sears [GE.] When you lose a family member, you have enough on youre plate , to deal withCorporate headquarters/ no help. I guess ge.

policy is to hit you, while youre weak.After reading about this , I will never buy anything from them. I am very sorry about youre loss.


I was advised by Lowes that GE Credit had been requiring a higher monthly payment than I should have been paying. They said the payment should have been significantly lower and the additional amount I was paying should have gone to pay the principle....essentially due to their errors the bill should have been paid off.

I requested a full audit of my account and sent registered letters but they refuse to provide the information.

If you EVER contest a bill only certified letters with signature will be allowed in court. I am all for a class action lawsuit against these folks.


I get charged late fees for paying EARLY. My payment date is the 28th but I usuallly pay before the 5th.

The I get charged a late fee because they say their computer won't pick up the fact that it is the current months payment until after the 6th. They say it's a "glich" in the system. I wonder how many people have paid late fees for paying early. Also, how much in interest has been paid because you are not allowed to pay until the 6th?

All these late payments go on my credit report and although I've managed to get the late fees credited back to my acct. the blemishes on my credit report remain. The US goverments Office of Thrift is the regulating agency for GEMB.

The web site it and their phone # is 1-800-842-6929. Hope this will help.


alaways payed..oh maybe one time a few days late not 30 days or anything...did this for years...spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at thier stores...went to purchae material for a large job...they lowered my credit limit by about 80%...couldnt buy the material with a card..payed for it with a check and after finding out they lowered it for no reason wish I had not did that.. :x


The problems never stop with GE moneybank. I have made payments faithfully just to have them clear my checking account and not post to my lowes consumer credit account(and get charged the added late fee).

I have mailed and faxed my proof of payment to the missing payments department so many times you can't even count, and all to no avail.

When I called customer service and asked to speak with someone in missig payments I was told that there was not anyone I could speak with and to mail the information again. Can they really just steal my money and and get away with it by giving me the run around?


Two years ago I made settlement with a debt collector Zwickers who were acting as a collection agency for Lowe's. We came to a lump sum payoff agreement.

The collection agency was suppose to have sent us a letter stating that the credit card debt was satisfied and we no longer owed Lowe's any money. Two years later a different collection agency and bad credit report later I am still receiving notice from Lowe's that we owe money.

I will never step foot in a Lowe's store ever again. There should be a boycott of all Lowe's stores until they stop their terrible treatment of their customers!


They have been calling for weeks to collect on an account that is not past-due. In fact, there has been a payment already scheduled for 2 of those weeks.


I have had problems with them also. Been a customer for 7 years, never missed a payment and always paid my bill on time.

Recently paid my balance down to zero and they cut my credit limit by 80%...never sent a letter as well and I was embarrased when I went to pay for dinner with my boss...same B.S. when I called they can basically do what they want I was told by a manager...they should be ashamed of themselves and Lowes as well as I have been a loyal customer...I will never purchase from Lowes again and have been treated terribly.

Lowes and GE in plain words stink. Don't do business with them, relationship and paying on time means nothing!!!


Yes, I have had problems with GE moneybank.

They lowered my credit limit on my Lowes card without telling me. I have never had a missed or late payment.

I was embarrased to pieces when I tried to buy an item and my card was declined. When I called GE the lady I spoke with informed me that it's their policy to adjust any account they want and whenever they want. She said a letter was sent to me.

I never received any such letter. I have since distroyed my card and will never do business with GE or Lowes again.

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Lowes Credit Card

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Lowes in Austin, Texas - Free Deliver - Receive VISA Check Card NOT

I purchased a Whirlpool refrid from the Lowe's in SW Austin. The deal was to pay for deliver ($89.) but receive a VISA Check Card in that amt. as a refund. This is after sending in all the paperwork, etc. This purchase was 4/6/09 and after many (7+/-) phone and emails; still no Check Card. I will go to Home Depot in the future even though I like the Lowe's environment's the principle. Bait and switch or just not very capable of follow thru on the administrative end of promotions. One person couldn't even find me in the system...
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Yes, this is once again "Lowe's" fault. Guess you mailed the rebate forms in on time too.

Or even realized this was handled by an outside firm. Principles are a luxury in this economy.

Good luck finding someone to help you at H.D. - see how far your principles get you...


Home Depot Delivery = Curbside Drop Off.

Do what you will.

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