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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Damaged my home during delivery of refrigerator

Lowes - Damaged my home during delivery of refrigerator
Lowes - Damaged my home during delivery of refrigerator
Lowe’s Home Improvement - I have called Lowes twice and am now sending an email. The service I received from Kimberly Brewer in your claims department is provoking. She is rude, talked over me, refused to transfer me to someone else more polite or could answer my questions and told me I had to work with her only! She then disconnected the call. I asked to speak with someone else 7 times. My home was damaged significantly by Lowe’s due to a faulty install that caused a water leak to occur for over a three week period. I have called Lowe’s all week. I also emailed them. When I didn’t respond. When they finally called me back a moment ago the lady was beyond rude and seemed irate that I called and left a total of three messages ( 2 phone calls and one email). She mocked my request to speak to you or anyone else who could provide polite assistance. I’m considering my legal options at this point. I also have asthma along with my child and the the wet Sheetrock reeks of mildew. This fact that there is documented water damage that has accumulated over a three week period is gross negligence at this point and adverse to my health. They would not call me back. I’m also considering having Lowe’s pick up this refrigerator and I will cancel the credit card. This is not the kind of service I expected from Lowe’s. I will be sharing this experience only via social media, I also plan to contact your corporate offices to file a complaint. Lastly, I am requesting to be assigned to another claims examiner. I don’t this or the above issues are unreasonable requests.
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Lowe's doesn't have employees that do installations. They contract it out to a third party.

That third party is who your complaint is against, which is probably why they aren't dealing with you. If you sue them, you will lose. You need to sue the company that actually did the installation.

It's in your contract. Read it.


You’re totally wrong! Those contractors are on a CONTRACT with Lowe’s to do The work, are paid by LOWES to do the install, therefore LOWES is responsible!


Since you mentioned that you are considering your legal options, you do realize that Lowes will Only deal with your lawyer... correct?

Lowes Will Not deal with you.

You also realize that you will have to Pay your lawyer even if he/she decides Not to take on your case... correct?

Shad M

That’s fine. Thanks.

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Lowes Door Installation Process & Customer Service

I called Lowes to do a door install. The first step is to call and set up a time for them to come measure which I did. I gave the item number of the door that resembled mine to the person on the phone to note down. I had to pay $35 for them to start and they would deduct that out of the installation. The came out and measured, then I was called with prices and very short discussion about fiberglass or steel. The item number I gave them was for a steel half door with glass that replaced the one being removed for $139. When he called and asked about fiberglass I said that I would just use the steel one I picked for $139. Then we had to go in the store to sign the contract. I went in and met with a guy in the millwood department and he pulled the contract out and gave me the total. I was never shown the product but the price was correct so I thought it was the same door I gave them the product number for and asked where the $35 credit was. He stated that he didnt know about the contracts and he had to get help and he did. I was told that the contract was re worked and they left off the credit, but when I paid it was given to me. So it all sounded fine to me... Price was what I wanted when I found the door online, and I got my credit back. When they came to install it was a solid steel door. I had a steel door with a window. I said that was not the right door, and they stated that this was the door in the contract that I signed so the door was installed as i felt backed into a corner. I should have stopped them but I felt that since I had signed I had no choice. So I called the next day when I was back at work with all my notes and got mad to realize that the sales guy gave me the wrong door so I called. The supervisor stated that I was shown the product when I signed the contract and there was nothing they would do. I told her I was never shown a door when I signed and that the guy who was there when I signed didnt even know how to read the contract. She said their policy is alway show the product before a contract is written, well I did everything over the phone and was never told to come in to see the door. I have never had a repair done so I thought the part number was good enough. I can not get anyone to help me with this other than to be told I was shown a door when I signed and that was the end of that. Shop another store as they don't care about customer service. I was going to have them replace all the carpet and tile, buy all the paint I needed and all the material to get my house ready to sell. Not anymore.
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hello, I just had my new back strom door installed today. On time and done more than just a great job.

Mr. Gary clifton was a true professional at has work.

Thank you lowes for picking him to work for lowes. Curtis hairston


I agree with Murrill, as an installer we want the customer to be as happy as possible. That starts with verifying that the product we have there to install is the right style/model, right size, and not damaged.

I am more concerned with my paycheck than your product, but that is paid through trip charges when people at the store waste my time.


Lowes Reynoldsburg, oh salesmann Jim L. tried to pull the same stunt with me that I didn't get refunded for my detail $35 charge that it went to the man that came out to measure.

They also gave me my money back as a cash credit at customer service. He was a real ***!


What is the price to replace front entry door 36" and Storm Door in the Fort Myers FL 33905 area?



Mistakes are made everyday by everyone. If the product was incorrect you shoul have refused it.

I am a general contractor as well as Lowes installer and I always verify that I have the correct product prior to job install.

I go as far as testing a picture if my customer is not home. As well as you refusing your installer should have been more concerned about your product being right than his paycheck.


I had a storm door installed by Steve Barker and am very satisified with his work. Am waiting for main front entry door to be delievered in early Dec.

and Steve will install that door at that time. Thanks


go buy the prehung door you wanted,pull the hinge pins on both doors swap the doors and take the other door back to lowes.


That is kinda dumb of you to purchase something over the phone and not think you should at least ask to see a picture of it when you signed the contract. You shouldn't take a strangers word. The item numbers could have changed or their could have been a computer error.

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