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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Everthing i bought is junk

From 2005-2010 everything I purchased,Lawnmower, spray washer, grill, door knobs, chainsaws, faucet,,,Everything broke down or just stopped working,,,I was robbed! I don't recommend using loews! Now they want me to use a hundred words to post this complaint! Wat next,,oh yea, they want me to pay for that broken crapp....LOL???????????????????????????????? I hate loews,,,never will I buy from them,,,,,;,,I will never buy one more thing,,,there stuff,, cheap , why did it all have problems,,,,,,??????????????????????????may get ripped by other companys,,but never again loews,;,cheap.......I still have nine more words,,,lol,,,lol
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Lowes associate did not closed the cover of the paint can causing it to spill all over my bedroom ru

I learned that it is very common, an associate not close the cover properly causing the paint to spill in the car, in this case, Lowes will pay for the cleanup and for the damage the paint do in the car, but if it make home without spilling, Lowes is not reliable anymore. Can someone tell me what is the difference? How it happened: On Saturday Sunday, May 23 , I bought a gallon of paint bucket at Lowes in Lemmon av, Dallas - TX, took it to my home, and left it on the bedroom floor, unaware that the cover of the paint can was not properly closed, due to Lowes associate not closed it very well, and it spilled all over my rug and in the carpet. I run back to Lowes to complaint, talked to the manager, filed a complaint and followed the manager's directions to not move the rug away, cleaned as much as I could with water and paper, and wait for a insurance person to come over to my house to document the damage. A few days later an account processor from SRS, called me and left a voice message with a claim number, I called her back twice leaving voice messages, and a few days later we were able to speak, meantime the rug and the carpet still in my bedroom with papers and paint drying. I explained what had happened with the paint, she replied that "if it did not spill in my car, but in my house is because, I had opened the paint can " and my statement is not reliable. I thought with myself, "is she calling me a liar? No, it is not possible…" and I continue to explain that, I am a loyal customer of Lowes, that I drove pass Home Depot because I have always the best service in Lowes. The SRS account processor explained to me, "they are a third part service company and could care less if I am a good customer or if my husband and I spend thousands of dollars per year in Lowes". After the phone conversation, I talk to my husband and we decided to go ahead and get SRS decision by writing, I called Brandi again, several times on June and July, leaving a voice message asking her to call me back. After several weeks, I was able to reach her on the phone and I requested a formal letter of her decision. The letter was posted on July 14 2010 but dated May 28 2010, any good reason for that? Should she sent me a letter with her decision, after we have spoken on May? Now the rug and the carpet are permanently destroyed, and I am seeking for Lowes or SRS to pay to replace the carpet in my bedroom, it is a legitime complaint from an very disappointed (ex) loyal customer.
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I seen a Lowes customer dump a bucket of paint in their brand new car in a Lowes parking lot. The store admitted they were at fault and offered restitution.

SRS is a 3rd party, 3rd world bunch of dirt bags.

They are out to save money for Lowes, not spend it for them. I know this first hand.


Sounds like you're trying to blame Lowes for your error. WHY did the paint wait until you set it on the floor at home before spilling? If the lid was loose when you took the paint from the store (with no spillage) and then drove it home (with no spillage) but, almost magically, it spills while just sitting on your floor at home???

I think you need a good brain-douching.


Hey dms222- I just had this happen to me and am going to get my car cleaned and my pants and my right shoe replaced. It is easy to say why did the paint wait to spill?

Who knows.

How would you know unless you were there? You should go work for Lowes - if you don't already.

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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Poor workmanship, no one knows whats going on.

Bought a pella door from lowes and had it installed- the contractor who installed the door cut corners and left things undone. Trying to get lowes back out to finish the job has been a nightmare. Know one seems to know what is going on and I get a different story every time I call or go to the store in person. I will never buy anything from lowes again. This was at the store on Wilmington Pike in Centerville, ohio. Sorry customer service, sorry products, sorry contractors that they must have gotten off of the street. Please rely to this.
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That's not fair to say that the employess don't know what's goin on, I work at store 1944 and I can honestly say, I dont give a *** about u customers.I bust my *** all year and at the end of it all I get is an I'm sorry we can't give u ur $35 bonus cause time r tuff. So come on into lowes u yuppie *** nothn brings me more joy than screwing up ur order


I had troubles with Lowes at Troy AL.

The main problem relates to emplyoees; they lack of basic skills their jon may require.No body knows nothing about nothing; when you get an estimate is usually wrong or 3-4 times higher than any other (well qualified) contractor; in addition a few employees are rude and seem to care nothing about costumers.


Pella Windows & Doors in Pella, Iowa, will be happy to help you. They will make sure you are happy with door either by having Lowes correct problem or they will.

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Lowes Door Installation Process & Customer Service

I called Lowes to do a door install. The first step is to call and set up a time for them to come measure which I did. I gave the item number of the door that resembled mine to the person on the phone to note down. I had to pay $35 for them to start and they would deduct that out of the installation. The came out and measured, then I was called with prices and very short discussion about fiberglass or steel. The item number I gave them was for a steel half door with glass that replaced the one being removed for $139. When he called and asked about fiberglass I said that I would just use the steel one I picked for $139. Then we had to go in the store to sign the contract. I went in and met with a guy in the millwood department and he pulled the contract out and gave me the total. I was never shown the product but the price was correct so I thought it was the same door I gave them the product number for and asked where the $35 credit was. He stated that he didnt know about the contracts and he had to get help and he did. I was told that the contract was re worked and they left off the credit, but when I paid it was given to me. So it all sounded fine to me... Price was what I wanted when I found the door online, and I got my credit back. When they came to install it was a solid steel door. I had a steel door with a window. I said that was not the right door, and they stated that this was the door in the contract that I signed so the door was installed as i felt backed into a corner. I should have stopped them but I felt that since I had signed I had no choice. So I called the next day when I was back at work with all my notes and got mad to realize that the sales guy gave me the wrong door so I called. The supervisor stated that I was shown the product when I signed the contract and there was nothing they would do. I told her I was never shown a door when I signed and that the guy who was there when I signed didnt even know how to read the contract. She said their policy is alway show the product before a contract is written, well I did everything over the phone and was never told to come in to see the door. I have never had a repair done so I thought the part number was good enough. I can not get anyone to help me with this other than to be told I was shown a door when I signed and that was the end of that. Shop another store as they don't care about customer service. I was going to have them replace all the carpet and tile, buy all the paint I needed and all the material to get my house ready to sell. Not anymore.
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hello, I just had my new back strom door installed today. On time and done more than just a great job.

Mr. Gary clifton was a true professional at has work.

Thank you lowes for picking him to work for lowes. Curtis hairston


I agree with Murrill, as an installer we want the customer to be as happy as possible. That starts with verifying that the product we have there to install is the right style/model, right size, and not damaged.

I am more concerned with my paycheck than your product, but that is paid through trip charges when people at the store waste my time.


Lowes Reynoldsburg, oh salesmann Jim L. tried to pull the same stunt with me that I didn't get refunded for my detail $35 charge that it went to the man that came out to measure.

They also gave me my money back as a cash credit at customer service. He was a real ***!


What is the price to replace front entry door 36" and Storm Door in the Fort Myers FL 33905 area?



Mistakes are made everyday by everyone. If the product was incorrect you shoul have refused it.

I am a general contractor as well as Lowes installer and I always verify that I have the correct product prior to job install.

I go as far as testing a picture if my customer is not home. As well as you refusing your installer should have been more concerned about your product being right than his paycheck.


I had a storm door installed by Steve Barker and am very satisified with his work. Am waiting for main front entry door to be delievered in early Dec.

and Steve will install that door at that time. Thanks


go buy the prehung door you wanted,pull the hinge pins on both doors swap the doors and take the other door back to lowes.


That is kinda dumb of you to purchase something over the phone and not think you should at least ask to see a picture of it when you signed the contract. You shouldn't take a strangers word. The item numbers could have changed or their could have been a computer error.

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Lowes Internet Sales giving out customer information

I recently purchased a few items from Lowes Home improvement online sales and when I received My order I found that I was short two items ,which can happen from time to time however the disturbing part is that along with my invoice was a invoice from anoter customer's order with his address and american express payment method for his order ,upon contacting lowes online sales person (name was Chris ,would not give his last name)I was sent several generic emails stating that they would researchh my order and send me my order ,no mention of what they thought about the fact that I have received someone else's invoice with personal billing information on it.I have contacted this (Chris) in qoute custiomer service ,which is far from customer service he will not give a manager's or supervisors name to further this complaint ,Has anyone else had this type of issue with Lowes internet sales ,You might want to think about it before ordering from them and risking your personal information being sent to other customers.
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Same here but got Lowes invoice which showed they paid $74 and billed me $138. I told the clerk it was THEIR copy but she insisted it was mine.

Internet orders are sent directly by the supplier not from Lowes. Later discovered I could have driven 30 more miles and got it off the shelf, same price.


also the fact?.. of your c reports info sometimes share with others,,




This is totally unacceptable!

Sponsored by:



That would make since but if you do some checking you will find that Lowes as well as walmart and many other store have a online price and a store price and the online price is almost always cheaper ,so I think that in most cases it would make better sense to pay the lower price and buy online except when dealing with a company like lowes that not only messes up your order but sends you peronsal information to other customers.The radical concept is to pay a lower Price!


This problem would not have ever happened if we would just not be so damned lazy and drive over to the store and make our purchases there (I know, a radical concept, because after all, the store IS probably at least a half mile away!) instead of ordering stuff off of the computer.

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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Sales associate

I am an employee of Lowes and I found that there is discrimation. I was hired to be a commercial sales specialist. Only to find that I was a cashier/csa. The commercial specialist in my dept. where able to sit around and get upset with me when the call list was not done. I was hired to be an apartment rep by the store manager. After his contract was up (2 YEARS BTW) I was only there for less than. I was sent on my way after filing sexual harrasment charges against my sales manager. Not only did I but others as well. Lost my Job asked for a transfer and denied. Told no job available.
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The Veterans have a right to be upset by the selling of this Doormat that resembles the American Flag. Even if it is not an exactly like our Flag, it still has enough design elements to be recognized as made to look like our Flag. This is disrestful of the Flag of this country and all the veterans who have fought for our freedoms. My Dad was a World War I Vet; my Brother....War War 11, and his son, Viet Nam. I will no longer shop at Lowes. I have already boycotted Home Depot because of their stand for the homosexuals; now I will boycott Lowes for their desrespect of our Flag.
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Where can I buy an american flag doormat?. I have a mentally disturbed flag Nazi neighbor.

I want to wipe my feet on this flag. I'd wipe my *** too but I can't find flag toilette paper.


Did you see the doormats? they are not the flag itself but cute patriotic patterns. Stop posting unresearched *** ont he internet you homophobic ***.


Lowes does not cater to "trash", that would be Home Depot...go apologize for your homophobic remarks to you have a place to steal.....


OK as far as American Flag Clothing and etc. OK!

But as far as a Doormat to Wipe Your Dirty Feet On? NO WAY!

As far as homosexuality go. . .

. I say to You "What Part of Sodom & Gomorrah DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND"?


yes way!!!! Wipe yr dirty feet and *** with any flag you like. *** flag Nazi!!!


What's funny is that your intolerance is exactly what's wrong with this country. Thank God it is moving away from the bigotry that you display.

Have fun fighting the uphill battle. Here's a hint: you lose.


what part of the destroyed cities won?


Might want to do a wee bit more research. Those cities were destroyed for trampling on the poor and lack of hospitality.

Like your lack of hospitality toward *** persons. P. S.: It's not about winning or losing. It's about God's love for ALL of humanity, including you.

That's the underlying message of the WHOLE of Scripture. Hint: The Sodom and Gomorrah story is not the WHOLE of Scripture.


You are welcome to your opinions as a Veteran no matter if the homo's do not like it or not. Maybe the snotty nose imps of this country will figure that out when they have to learn their new national language, Chinese.

Perhaps Lowes could sell an Arab nation flag.

That would be a big seller and made in China. I would gladly wipe my mud on it.


Lowes isn't the only business to sell things that look like a flag. There are clothes, tablecloths, towels, and on and on that are made to look like flags.

From different things I have heard it isn't even proper to have t-shirts and caps with a flag motif on them. It seems like the same might apply to the flag patches that that different police departments, etc.

You might as well get off your high horse about Lowes selling the door mats, unless you are going to take on every manufacturer that uses the flag motif improperly.


Ha ha..........You nasty old hag,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You can go f#### yourself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :cry :p :cry


You sound like a homphobioc ***. I am sure Lowes and Home depot will miss you. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - *** poor service

Went to Lowes Presque Isle, Maine yesterday to locate a replacement part for my snow blower. asked the young lady at service desk if lowes could order me a hex shaft for my snow blower. She said she would have to call Bill because he ran that department. I listened to her conversation; can we order a replacement part for a snow blower? Her question to me; sir did you buy your snow blower here? My response: no Her answer: sorry, we can order your part. This Bill person never asked what type of snow blower it was or what part I needed. I was dissmissed, like a piece of trash and now my biggest regret is the $13,672.00 I have spent at Lowes sense it opened here in Presque Isle, Maine By the way, Lowes does sell the type of snow blower I have.
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:sigh I went into Lowes in Ft. Oglethorpe GA.

Ask if they had a thermo coupling for a gas heater. The young woman ask on of the other employees a man. Do we carry thermo couplings. He did not look or ask what kind just said if it has to do with anything gas we are out.

It was during a time when the weather was cold.

However I felt he should have looked anyway just in case there was something there. However I found out they along with another supply place just don't care about their customer service.


The snow blower Lowes currently on their floor has the identical model number as mine.

But Lowes wouldn't know that because they never asked the type of macjing I had nor the part I was looking for.


Ditto's to everything Evoke just said!


Whenever a manufacturer sells an item to multiple retail stores, typically the model numbers are changed and something about each one is a little different whether it be an internal part or an exterior part. Lowe's can only buy repair parts for the models they have listed.

If a company can't order a part for you then why is that such a big deal? Why don't you go to whoever you bought the snow blower from and ask them to order you the part?

Or if you'd rather add to your $13,672.00 patronage then perhaps you should lie and tell them you DID buy the snow blower there. :eek

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Lowes said that they cut tile for customers I bought some quarter round trim to go between my wall and countertop and only needed 4 peices cut into mitered corners. this is a very small job. After i purchased it they told me their saw was broken and sent me to another...
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If you refer to the 5th grade as "my senior year" you might be a redneck!

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Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Why can't we have a Lowe's

I have lived in several cities across the United States when I was in the Army. I used the Lowe's store to buy just about everything to remodel my homes. Now I live in a town that thinks Home Depot is the only store that fits in Poplar Bluff, MO. I thank the Chamber of Commerce for not allowing the city ot grow. We need compitition and the jobs that go along with the growth of this town. The closest Lowe's is 1.5 hours away. I think the knowledge the Lowe's employees have is outstanding. We need a Lowe's in Poplar Bluff, MO.
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