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Lowes cuts back on discounts to veterans

My husband and I have been loyal Lowes customers for years. Approximately one year ago, we were pleased to learn of Lowes veterans discount. J** served our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Haiti. While in those countries, he was blown up on three occasions, losing some of his comrades and suffering injuries of his own. Today, we visited our local, Texas store in Atascocita (7355 FM 1960 Rd. East 77346), and discovered that Lowes has now changed its veterans discount policy. We are only allowed discounts four times per year? I wonder how the people of the United States would react if our soldiers only chose to protect this country four days per year. I assume that the policy has changed in the face of too many men and women returning from war torn countries and trying to take advantage of a 10% discount. What if the military and Department of State elected to only offer the rest of us, as U.S. citizens, 10% protection in the face of terrorism? I'm more disappointed in your decision than I can put into words. A small discount seems little to offer in the face of what these men and women have sacrificed for the rest of us.
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I applaude our soldiers; be they active or retired or any other honerable status in between.

If Lowes decides to take away the discount does this make them a horrible company? NO it does not!

So what is being said is that once a discount is given it can't be stopped? What sort of entitlement mongering is that? Do you not shop at other places that do not give a discount and never have? I think not!

Are they horrible companies because they don't give a discount? Once again the answer is NO.

I am truly sorry for the veterans that were injured in battle or otherwise.

But you cannot tell me that you didn't know the dangers of joining a military. Did you honestly think that you would sit around the barracks playing soldier while getting paid to do so, and never have to go to war?


Where did you get the Idea that the military is entitled to be shot at, Roadside Bombed, blown up, Killed, And tortured to protect your retarded *** A&&? They are entitled.

Lets fly you over and drop you off in the sand box and then after 2 years bring you home and not give you anything for it. Dont *** with the Vets you punk.

And to the Vets and actives Thank you. I love my freedom!


To ????, you are an ignorant ***


enjoy your military discount. lowes just cut all commissions and spiffs from their sales specialists. this should cover the military discount fully without an additional nickel from the corporation.


I always am thankful lowes and another gives this 10% discount. No limits.

Almost no restrictions. Every day of the year they are open.

This is a private company trying to say thank you.

Thank you lowes for the support of our military.


You need a valid military or veterans id. A dd-14 could belong to anyone and could be printed online.

It also takes up way too much time at a register to have to look for what kind of discharge you got and then to have to check another form of id. This policy was put into place so people weren't scamming and printing fake discharge papers to get a discount. Wouldn't you feel less honored of we didn't care to check?

And ps.. Most places will take the dd-14 even though it is against policy because we do support the troops.


Lowes gives a discount for veterans every day as long as there is a valid military photo ID. you can use a dependency card, VA card or active card.

on patriotic holidays we offer the 10% to those with or without the ID.

so a dd214 will work only on those days. hope this helped.


Where did you get the idea that the military is entitled to ANY discount? I don't think it is a part of the benefits package.

Should teachers, police and fire employees get a discount as well? How about the clergy, students, doctors, nurses?

Where do you stop? Be thankful for any discount that is offered.

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I purchased valspar paint with mildew resistance from lowes for my bathroom. I would have done better using a hundred cans of spray paint. 3 weeks later and the paint still rubs off with the slightest touch. Now how do I correct that with out scraping all this paint...
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The most *** paint I ever used same thing happen to us the signature is a lot better

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This experience has taught me that Lowe's not only sells *** products, but they do all they can to HIDE that fact from other customers. I bought a rocking chair from Lowe's, and it was ***. So I went online to post a helpful review so that other innocent...
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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Failed to give prodcuct I paid for.

I tried to order carpeting. told I had to pay $35 or measurements. I had 3 rooms measured for carpeting 2 rooms for tile. Told company I only wanted two (2) rooms of carpet nothing else. The other measurements would be for future work. Waited the 48 hrs for a phone estimate, I called the following morning. estimate wasn't in yet, went back later that afternoon. It still wasn't ready, was told they were going to fax it over I would be called when it came in. I called the next morning, given an estimate for carpeting for three rooms of carpet not 2 at double the price and not given the measurements. They couldn't give me a breakdown of the sq. footage. I bought at another store, no payment for measuring they returned calls, did what they said they were going to do. Quote and honor their price. Lowes felt like a bait and switch operation. I would like my $35 refunded and I'll never bother Lowes again. David L Marsh
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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Lazy management

I use the Lowes store at 19 mckenna road in arden Nc. to the tune of about two grand a week. Only because they have the material my customer wants. Every day I order 500 pavers to be picked up the next morning and usually the great everyday folks who work there have them ready. And again this morning they were ready but I had to sit and wait 45 minutes for the manager to finish his personal phone call to came and open the back gate so they could load my truck. He was on his cell phone as he opened the gate and made me quite aware I was a pain in his butt. It is a shame that such great employees are dragged down by such poor management. Where to they find them?
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BACKORDER A REFREGERATOR AND THEY SET DATE Oct. 16, they called me Oct. 15, said they will deliver it today. I get up early on my day off and waited and waited. At 11:30AM, called store, they tell me that I will not get THE REFREGERATOR untill NOVEMBER 1! HOW CRUEL, TO...
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Lowe's didn't cancel your card, GE Money Bank did. The manage Lowe's credit.

Your issue is with them.

I personally want you to make your purchases at Lowe's. It keeps people working.

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Went to Lowes to buy a Water heater,no Help available

I visited Lowes in League City ,Tx # 2821 at 7:30 PM to Buy a Water Heater.No help available.Asked 2 emplyees for help and they told me that they would call some one to help me. I waited 15 minutes, and no help arrived.The store had very few employees working .It seems like a skeleton crew .I had workers at home waiting to install the Water Heater. I finally Left Lowes and drove to HOME DEPOT and purchased a 12 year warranty Water Heater.If lowes want customers to shop in the evening ,then they have to have enough employees working in order to properly service the customers.
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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Lwes did not deliver products

Purchased a cook stove and microwaves oven on a Monday, June 7th. It was to be installed the following Friday. They did not show up at precribed time. I called the manager with inquiry. He was to call back next day. Did not. After numerous trips and calls to the store, I gave up after a week. Each trip resulted in a different manager who knew nothing about my problem. Today, Monday June 14 I'm told by a different manager that my purchases are on back order. Their attitude-"Go somewhere else-I don't care". I will go somewhere else!
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I needed 10 bags of sand and 10 bags of top soil. This guy in landscaping told me he didn't have any sand so I should go to contracting and he'd meet me there with the top soil. 30 minutes later he's STILL not there. Also, there's NO ONE to get me...
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You are really complaining about some lazy employee when you could've just gotten it yourself and been gone out the door. Look every business has lazy subpar employees, kinda like there are lazy subpar humans.

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