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What is wrong with Lowes?!? It is not something new. They simply can not handle scheduling installations. Installers for the most part are good...when they finally get there. Managers are "Dazed and Confused". Its maddening.
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Lowes Installation
Lowes - Great hookup job on my oven
Not only has our oven taken 3 months to get to my house....(with the microwave still not here yet) lowes sent some Neanderthal over to my house and this is how he left the wiring....not only is it a fire hazard but being the owner of an electrical company I am...
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Holy *** that is *** crazy! I'm a Flooring installer for Home Depot and have a few other accounts and with these accounts I have to have liability insurance for up to 2 million and workman's comp along with at least 3 yrs min exp criminal back ground check and references for installations going back to 3 yrs before I can even be a badged installer.

As do all sub contracting installers of any skilled trade. I know that in other fields such as in your case electrical. That the technician must have at least 2 yrs of completed schooling, 3 yrs on the job exp, and the same in insurance as I do.

So with that being said if it was the delivery guy delivering the oven that did that to your electrical, then sir you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

It is totally against policy for any delivery guys to make any kind of changes to a homeowners property. Meaning if it don't fit, or doesn't have the correct hook up or outlet for installation then they must stop immediately and let customer or home owner know immediately.

I know Home Depot has strict policies against that sort of thing. The same reason we have to carry our "own" insurance, have back ground checks, etc before we can even be badged as their installer and given work orders to enter any of their customers homes.

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Lowes Installation
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Lowes Shenandoah cabinets working with Lowes is wakeful!

We paid for our kitchen cabinets July 4th weekend 2013. Our cabinets were to be finished by August 12. They brought cabinets out on 8th, installed some boxes, but couldn't finish because so many parts weren't sent. They stopped. One cabinet was totally wrong, 3 attempts to fix , they are suppose to put shelves now. It's Oct 10th, still not finished, supposed to be next week. Meanwhile we can't move in the house, appliances can't be installed. It's a frickin mess. I don't know who to complain to. You can't reach corporate. If anyone knows please let me know. They don't care! That's why you pay upfront in full! Don't deal with them!
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Lowes Installation

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