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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Customer service is horrible

I usually like shopping at Lowes. I have their credit card and I've bought many things there for my new house. But, I tried to buy a window from the Royal Oaks store in Houston last Saturday, and their customer service was horrible. I, and another man, stood in the Window and Doors dept for at least 10 minutes. NO ONE worked there. There were employees wandering the isles but apparently none of them could, or would, help us in Windows and Doors. Even after we pushed the button to for Help, and could hear announcements asking for help in that Dept, no one showed up. The man finally walked off. I repeatedly tried calling the front desk, to ask that they send someone back there, but NO ONE would answer the phone. Finally, a rude employee showed up. He said that he was on his lunch break, but had to stop to help me. He was obviously mad about having to help me. He didn't even work in windows so wasn't much help. I ended up leaving without ordering anything. I tried to order the window over the phone today, but was told to call the store---the same store that would not answer the phone last Sat. I was told that without an item number, that the person over the phone could not order the window. But, I don't have an item number, because it is a special order size and is not shown online---and the person in the store was no help. It should NOT be this hard to buy a window. I will go to another store with better customer service.
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went to lowes tx city today sunday to purchase fertilizer,went to pay for it and tried to use my veteran discount only to be told (very rudely) by two employees at the garden center check out that i could not use my discount because i am not on file,b.s. i been shopping at lowes for 15 years or more always used my veteran i.d.

card for a discount,now lowes want us veterans to go thru a 3rd party to check our credentials and the 3rd party would research my info.,who wants the company to research my dd214? i darn sure do not,my info is my business not some other company,as of today i will never shop another lowes


My thoughts exactly. Customer service is totally lacking.

They never have enough garden center help and I have to load the 40 lb. backs of top soil myself. I'm a 63 year old woman and I don't believe I should have to load all the heavy bags myself.

Customer service. NADA


Did you ever stop to think the person in the window department may have been at lunch? Yes, thats a fact in big box stores, they often only have 1 person working in a department and yes they are entitled to a lunch break.

Do you really want someone in another department that has no training in window to special order a window for you? Your chances of getting the correct window wouldn't be very high.


"Anonymous", the person(s) who was supposed to be working in the window dept was NOT at lunch. There was no one working in that department at all when I was there.

That is the point. Lowes had NO ONE, who was trained to work that department, actually working in that department when I was there. Are customers supposed to just expect no service in various departments just because it is a "big box" store? No.

If Lowes wants customers to buy their products, it is up to them to make sure that the departments, which need hands on customer service personnel, actually have those people working there when the store is open to customers.

Since they didn't, I hired an installer who bought my window at another store. Lowes lost sales because they didn't bother to have a least 1 trained person working in that department.

And when I replace other windows, I will not go through that hassle again. I will again hire an installer who will purchase my window somewhere else.


I expect the manager of Lowe's to manage his/her employees and insure that there are enough employees to actually help customers. Otherwise having windows in their stores is absolutely worthless.

The manager should have made sure that there was someone available to help customers in that department when another employee was on lunch break. I should not have to know the lunch break schedule of Lowe's employees before I try to shop there.I did go somewhere else. I purchased from a company that came to my house to measure the windows, then they installed what I ordered.

I didn't not have to concern myself with their lunch hours. Lowes lost many thousands of dollars in my business simply because their store manager did not manage employees' time.

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