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Lowes in Houston, Texas - Poor Customer Services and Malfunctioning Phone System

I placed my 1st order online to be picked up gulfgate store houston, tx store that said it had it available. I even entered my credit card and received confirmation order # that it has been submitted. When I called pasadena, tx store to make sure they had my online order for pickup, message said store is now closed, but website said store closes at 9:00. Called Gulfgate store so I can pickup my 2nd order and they said they close at 9:00 so I had almost an hour to get there. When I drove 45 miles to get to the store, the lady at customer service said my order was cancelled. I never received any form of contact that it was cancelled. I called corp office and spoke to Nick #1940475. He said it is available for delivery at full price and delivery would be an additional $79. He would not offer it to me for the price I paid for it online nor deliver it to the store for free. I told him that was bait and switch tactics or false advertisement and that I wanted to speak to a manager. He said he was the manager. I asked to speak to his boss and he said there was no one above him as if he was the CEO and owner of Lowe's. I told him I will be submitting my complaint to the better business bureau, as well as any media station and newspaper that would be more than happy to provide negative publicity for Lowe's. I asked why does phone message say a pasadena store is closed at 8:10 but the internet says it closes at 9:00. He said their phone system has a problem that they are trying to resolve. I asked him how was I suppose to verify if my order is ready for pickup if I cant get through. He said dial 0. I called pasadena store again at 8:45 and dialed 0 and customer service said they are open until 9:00. I told her I could have picked up my order 30 minutes ago had their phone system not tell me they were closed. She said it only says that 15 minutes before closing. I told her I called at 8:10 not 8:45 and it said store were closed. She said she never heard that as if I were lying to her and said store will be closing in 12 minutes. I told her it would take me at least 15 minutes to get there and she repeated the store will be closing in 12 minutes. I am extremely disappointed in Loews and will no longer shop there. Your customer service stinks and they do not attempt to help or make things right.
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  • Bait and switch tactics
  • False advertisement
  • No acceptance of responsibility
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order it when it was half off. Now they want full price before they deliver
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Price reduction
  • Malfunctioning Phone System

Lowes in Dallas, Texas - Did not allow credit card discount on special order

I applied for a Lowes credit card. The brochure states that you will get a 5% discount. It has exceptions, but those exceptions do not include special orders. I call it "bait and switch." I ordered a bath fixture and went to pay for it and did not get the 5% discount. The store manager said that the 5% does not apply to special orders even though it is not stated at an exception in the advertisement for applying for the card. My only option is to go to small claims court and get some kind of satisfaction with this complaint.
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Target Red Card is 5% immediate discount - on sale msde or not. When I use Visa MC AEX Discover Card etc.

I get my reward whether or not the item is on sale. But I guess since my large window order is 15% off this month it is really only 10% off.

So there is no incentive to use their card and I won't.


I find you amusing to say the least. Have you been through a small claims process with a large corporation?

Their attorneys would use your court documents as toilet paper.

You also would be wasting 4-5 hours of your life for absolutly nothing. Let it go flyboy go get a refund and go elsewhere.


Special orders are definitely included for the 5% off, except for Electrolux or Fisher Paykel appliances. As someone else stated, any discounted item won't qualify for 5% off.'re seriously thinking of going to small claims for a 5% off discount? Wow. Get a life.


Yes, that is the company line, however, it is not what is advertised on the brochure offering the discount when one uses the Lowes credit card.



Special orders are included unless the price was already discounted. For instance if the fixture was normally $300.00 and they are running a 10% off of that item then you would not get the 5% However if you bought the item at full price you indeed should get the 5% off.

Our systems are set up not to offer it though on a previous discounted item. Double dipping. Sorry for the problem.

Special order items are included though. That manager needs to read up on policy

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