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Lowes in Mckinney, Texas - My credit card

They are deceiving me They said if you pay within the promotion period no interest After one year I paid on time I found out they changed me $240 interest I called the customer service and they said there is mistake happen and we will not able to resolve
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Lowes Credit Card
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Lowes - Credit Card Review from Rowlett, Texas

I owed $730 on a credit card then I got a bill for $1400 saying the promotion was over. I called for extension and was told if I paid $730 within 30 days they would wave the interest so I did. Then I received bill for 703 saying I still had to pay interest and there was a miss communication
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you are right. they should have atleast have honored their own promise.nobody wants to do business with liars.

as a matter of fact, after reading your post, I think I don't want to do more business with these people. why don't we both give them the hee ho?who needs them?

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Lowes Credit Card
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Lowes in Arlington, Texas - Lowe's Credit Card

I had a Lowe's Credit Card (GE Mony Bank). I made purchases over two years, amounting to $5000. I recieved a bonus check from my employer. I used this money to pay off my bill. GE Money Bank cashed the check and then REFUSED to apply this toward my balance. I made numerous attempts (in writing, phone calls..). I was receiving collection calls from GE Money Bank for a debt that I had already paid. I had to file a complaint with my State Attorney General's Office in order to made GE Money Bank do the right thing! Unbelievable !
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I'm sorry but there has to be more to the credit card does that


in 2 years of shopping you kept spending money instead of paying off your bill? Thats the best way to ruin your life with credit debt. try cash or not buying from now on.

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes in Austin, Texas - GE Money Bank

I am disgusted with GE Money Bank and Lowes. I paid off a credit card loan with Lowes and GEMB, who handles their credit transactions, keeps sending me late fee notices, that increase each month. I have called and written to the company with no luck. If anyone is having similar problems with this company and know of anyway that a Class Action Lawsuit could be filed, I'm all for joining in that cause. They are ruining my credit. Whatever happened to good old customer satisfaction? Has anyone else had this problem with GEMB and in particular, their connection with Lowes?
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What is the problem with paying back money you borrowed, under the terms you agreed to? If you don't want to be indebted to someone, don't borrow.

If you do borrow, don't borrow beyond your means and ability to pay it back in a timely fashion, as agreed.

Credit cards are a nice convenience to paying cash and give you flexibility in paying the balance over time. Use them correctly and they are a great tool. I tend to pay the balance in full, except larger purchases where I may pay back over a few months.

I pay very little in interest doing it that way.

Who in their right mind finances a consumer item with a credit card at a high double digit interest rate and makes only a minimum payment? Get a handle on your finances and take control.

Be responsible instead of blaming the bank. Be the master instead of the slave.


Need a class action lawsuit against ge. lowes. They definitly arent dealing off the top of the deck.


So I get my tax return excited about paying off my credit card at Lowes. Go online to their site on FEBRUARY 16, 2012 and there is a screen on LOWES SITE mind you, that allows me to pay a 1700.00 bill (intense interest rates mind you)for 980.30, said one time offer, so ofcourse I jump on it.

Well it is now April and after 4 hours on the phone this morning, they said that that page wasn't them. ALTHOUGH they do show on my statement where I paid that exact amount..Hmmm..I have made minimum monthly payments for years now, like I would just pick such a large and odd number like 980.30 to pay for the heck of it? When I also paid all my other bills of online that same night? I think not.

RIDICUKOUS. Im filing on BBB>


My husband passed away. I paid off our balance on GE Money Bank Lowes card.

I called to inform them of my husband's passing. They went into collector mode, remember at the time I was talking to these people I had a 00 balance. I was passed to 3 people who ask every question possible about myself.The account was in my husband's name I had authorized use of the account. I was told they could open an account for me which was just a way to get more info on me.

Then they said I was turned down. And sent a letter asking for estate information. And labeled it an attempt to collect debt. The account was paid off.

I called and once again was treated as if I was a customer who had skipped out on paying, I made sure there was no outstanding balance there was not.

And then the gentlemen cut me off and hung up on me. Think twice about going in debt to these people.


The exact same thing happened to me , with sears [GE.] When you lose a family member, you have enough on youre plate , to deal withCorporate headquarters/ no help. I guess ge.

policy is to hit you, while youre weak.After reading about this , I will never buy anything from them. I am very sorry about youre loss.


I was advised by Lowes that GE Credit had been requiring a higher monthly payment than I should have been paying. They said the payment should have been significantly lower and the additional amount I was paying should have gone to pay the principle....essentially due to their errors the bill should have been paid off.

I requested a full audit of my account and sent registered letters but they refuse to provide the information.

If you EVER contest a bill only certified letters with signature will be allowed in court. I am all for a class action lawsuit against these folks.


I get charged late fees for paying EARLY. My payment date is the 28th but I usuallly pay before the 5th.

The I get charged a late fee because they say their computer won't pick up the fact that it is the current months payment until after the 6th. They say it's a "glich" in the system. I wonder how many people have paid late fees for paying early. Also, how much in interest has been paid because you are not allowed to pay until the 6th?

All these late payments go on my credit report and although I've managed to get the late fees credited back to my acct. the blemishes on my credit report remain. The US goverments Office of Thrift is the regulating agency for GEMB.

The web site it and their phone # is 1-800-842-6929. Hope this will help.


alaways payed..oh maybe one time a few days late not 30 days or anything...did this for years...spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at thier stores...went to purchae material for a large job...they lowered my credit limit by about 80%...couldnt buy the material with a card..payed for it with a check and after finding out they lowered it for no reason wish I had not did that.. :x


The problems never stop with GE moneybank. I have made payments faithfully just to have them clear my checking account and not post to my lowes consumer credit account(and get charged the added late fee).

I have mailed and faxed my proof of payment to the missing payments department so many times you can't even count, and all to no avail.

When I called customer service and asked to speak with someone in missig payments I was told that there was not anyone I could speak with and to mail the information again. Can they really just steal my money and and get away with it by giving me the run around?


Two years ago I made settlement with a debt collector Zwickers who were acting as a collection agency for Lowe's. We came to a lump sum payoff agreement.

The collection agency was suppose to have sent us a letter stating that the credit card debt was satisfied and we no longer owed Lowe's any money. Two years later a different collection agency and bad credit report later I am still receiving notice from Lowe's that we owe money.

I will never step foot in a Lowe's store ever again. There should be a boycott of all Lowe's stores until they stop their terrible treatment of their customers!


They have been calling for weeks to collect on an account that is not past-due. In fact, there has been a payment already scheduled for 2 of those weeks.


I have had problems with them also. Been a customer for 7 years, never missed a payment and always paid my bill on time.

Recently paid my balance down to zero and they cut my credit limit by 80%...never sent a letter as well and I was embarrased when I went to pay for dinner with my boss...same B.S. when I called they can basically do what they want I was told by a manager...they should be ashamed of themselves and Lowes as well as I have been a loyal customer...I will never purchase from Lowes again and have been treated terribly.

Lowes and GE in plain words stink. Don't do business with them, relationship and paying on time means nothing!!!


Yes, I have had problems with GE moneybank.

They lowered my credit limit on my Lowes card without telling me. I have never had a missed or late payment.

I was embarrased to pieces when I tried to buy an item and my card was declined. When I called GE the lady I spoke with informed me that it's their policy to adjust any account they want and whenever they want. She said a letter was sent to me.

I never received any such letter. I have since distroyed my card and will never do business with GE or Lowes again.

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Lowes Credit Card

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