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Almost 3 months ago this hellacious process started. The tear out and install should have taken a month at most. I have drawers that hit the handles of opposing drawers which prevents them from opening up all the way and I have TWO different styles of cabinets!! I paid for the expensive Kraft maid brand and what they sent was something less. The entire process has been a nightmare and Lowes and it's upper management chose to not stand behind the customer much less their work. DO NOT Do business with Lowes for kitchen remodels much less design. I reached out to the CEO and actually got a response from someone at corporate however they finally responded and said they won't help me.
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I understand your anger, truly.

What I will say is simply this... the old adage of " you catch more flies with honey then with vinegar" could not be more true.

Keep consistent, but stay understanding.

You will get results. They may take time.

What you have to understand is when it comes to Installed Sales... These Installers are chosen by corporate and not the store, and they sign very specific contracts with how and what they will do.

At times many installers are scheduled multiple weeks out. So for them to immediately stop and return to your home would set a ripple that would impact dozens others. Sadly we cant force the installers to fix or change anything.

Its much like getting hit by someone with out insurance...

it happens but you at no fault of your own are left with all the costs... now imagine this in the contexts of peoples home's. An average Lowe's installed department goes into 23 peoples homes a day. That's 115 peoples projects a week.

Even at a 95% completions success rate. Incidents happen.

Lowe's will always make it right, but they try not to just open up the register and throw money at a problem... often times the process is long due to them holding the installers responsible.


Very wise advice. Being a senior citizen makes for lots of exasperating experiences with installers, but we find that kindness while angry is a skill difficult to employ.

We have been waiting for a Lowes installer for a month to get the fence up. :)


If you look at the picture you see a basic design error. The designer didn't place a filler next to a blind corner cabinet. Who ever drew the kitchen was either new or in a rush and skipped the required filler.

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