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Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam

Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam
Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam
Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam
Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam
Pissed off...Lowes protection plans are a scam
I am have similar issues with Lowes about my 11 year epp protection plan. I bought the Bosch tankless water heater in May 2009. We all know that this is not cheap. Last week the thing leaked water out of the heat exchanger and some how managed to get into the electronics. I called to get the situation resolved but it seems that they can’t locate the receipt. I sent the pic of the receipt to the claims dept. to prove I purchased the extended protection plan with the unit. Then they came back and said there was no service provider and no contracts were issued. They are *** me off to the point that I will have to get in contact with the attorney general here in Texas. Lowes warranties are a scam. I went ahead and purchased another water heater from Lowes with the protection plan again. I am thinking twice about taking my receipt back and getting a refund. Then, purchase home warranty before the unit goes out.
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Which is why I steer clear of big box stores, extended warranties, and most of all home warranty’s .


Tankless water heaters are pieces of trash too many electronics! If you don’t rescale them every 6 months, the calcium, lime and other minerals from the water will corrode it, since there is no collection tank or sacrificial anode.

Instant hot water turns into instant cold water. Extended warranties are total rip offs, same as home warranties. But, everyone wants their toys.

What’s wrong with a standard, cheap water heater? Not good enough for you?


The older tankless hot water heaters have no electronics. We purchased one from a supplier, whose name I have forgotten, in 1983,in New England.

It worked very well and lasted about 15 years. They replaced it with an upgraded model (no electronics) at a reduced price.

This model lasted another 10 years until we sold the house. I do not know long it worked after we sold out.


I should let you know that my water heater is located in the attic in a single story home. You have to crawl over duct work and only have a 4 foot of limited height and width to move water heater through until it opens up to a larger area.

It’s very hard to do all that if your the only one doing it. On top of that a family of 6 uses a lot of hot water.


Most people would have learned their lesson the first time. Why on earth would you buy another extended service plan when you know good and well it isn't with anything?


you can sue Lowe's all you want, but they have nothing to do with any protection plan other than selling them.


Asurion possibly

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