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Bought a handicap toilet with a Lowes installation which was on sale for $99. When installer took old toilet off, he said he could not install the new one because the ring on the bottom was wrong. He said he would have to chip some of the floor tile and concrete out...
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It’s hard to tell what’s UNDER the toilet, until the old one is removed. Be prepared for any unexpected problem that might be found, such as rusty bolts, broken flange, water damage, termites, mold, and rotten wood, to name a few.

Why is it Lowe’s fault your house won’t fit the new toilet you bought, without additional work. Why should the plumber eat it, because you didn’t tell him your ring would need to be replaced?

Ridiculous. People always trying to steal or extort money from the hardworking legitimate businesses.

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Lowes Toilet Installation
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  • Told one install price nailed for 4 times that amount
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Not what sales ma told me
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Let the company propose a solution
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Lowes in Mckinney, Texas - My credit card

They are deceiving me They said if you pay within the promotion period no interest After one year I paid on time I found out they changed me $240 interest I called the customer service and they said there is mistake happen and we will not able to resolve
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Lowes Credit Card
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Lowes - Range Review from Mckinney, Texas

I bought a stove and when I got home and installed it discovered it was missing a burner cap and had a broken *** When I went back the next morning they told me I could return it or buy the parts myself but they would not replace it unless I returned the stove. That is ridiculous to buy a brand new stove and be told that I have to return the entire stove because they refuse to replace parts. I will not be returning to Lowes.
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Damaged or defective

Lowes in Mckinney, Texas - Floor install

Do not recommend: Use installers of all experience level and no telling which you will get to install your product. From the installer who has no experience to extensive experience. Best of all, Lowes will do everything possible to keep from taking responsibility for its installers. I had floors installed and within three months started to buckle. They have given excuses from animals, high moisture, foundation, and pluming. Animals: I don't think so. Not through out the whole house, even places where no animals. High moisture: then floors should not have been installed in the first place by installers. Foundation: had a foundation company examine house, no problems Pluming: had plumbers examine, no problems found
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File a complaint with your state licensing board for contractors. File with the BBB, even though they do nothing you have a record of your complaint.


Wrong (and Lowes should have advsed you)... Wood reqires a constant humidity between 35 - 55% otherwise you will get buckleing and gapping.....regardless of the quality of the installer.

Also the wood should have sat for a couple days in your house to acclimate.....did they do that?

Lastly - most of he big boxes sub out the labor piece so that they are insullated from claims.....they just sell the product they technically do not install. You get what you get for going with the Big Boxes

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