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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Unauthorized Transaction

I bought a dryer online from Lowes in August 2018, they didn't draft my account until mid October. Then yesterday 12/18/18 they drafted my account again. I called Lowes and they told me they need to do research to find out what happened, it may take a few days. Umm you charged me twice for the same item! Its 6 days before Christmas and I have 5 kids. Warning DONT BUY ONLINE WITH LOWES OR USE A CARD WITH THEM
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Charged my card twice for same item
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Full refund

Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Maybe not the carpets fault....

here is what may be your problem: the carpet under your furniture has not been touched for two years...the rest of the house has been vacuumed 104 have had the same space cleaned twice, all of the above put wear and tear on the carpet...while the protected areas remain basically new.....ITS THE CHANGE OF THE TEXTURE IN THE CARPET that gives it a "faded look" due to the cleaning and daily use process..... look down the hallway and you will notice the wear even more than the rest of the house.... I am not a spoksman for Lowes, but I did install carpet for them for 18 yrs.(retired)...We all will have that same problem when we have to keep a bed or dresser etc. in the same place for a long period of time....I do hope you will enjoy your new home.....tom
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Not at all happy with lowes

when a contractor spends as much as i do at lowes, you would think you would get some kind of discount,break on prices or on a total of over 500.00 every time i ask they say i just missed it by twenty five dollars or just missed it by 50.00 thats bull *** i have a big job comming up on a farm shed .I will not give lowes my money no more cause ace[GAZAWAY] in Paragould will give me discount on anything over 400.00. now that being said PU THAT IN YOUR FINE BIBBYLIE AND BUBBLE IT BABY .never again LOWES ANDERSON CONST. SENATH MO.
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This was hillarious :)


person from St. Louis, I guess those therapy sessions aren't working for you?




Any order that totals $2500.00 or more can be submitted to the LOWES QSP program for discounts from the corporate level. you can take you item numbers to any one with computer access and have prices back in just a few minutes.

Or, take your 5% at the register and how about your contractor account delivery discount. Oh yeah, we are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.


aww boo hoo. you spend money at a store and they don't give you a discount.

what's next?

you'll eat at McDonald's 5 times a month and except a free meal every time after that? ***.


If you are really a contractor you would know that you get 5 percent off any purchase with your Lowe's business card. The card does not even have to be a credit card, it could just be an account you setup and put cash or a check in.

Sounds more like you aren't a real business just pretending to be one while working on friends and families houses. There are so many discounts and perks Lowes gives businesses that you would be foolish to walk away.


you must be a real dum but


suck snot


Okay, first of all, Lowes has SEVERAL discounts available. They have the credit card discounts, contractor pack discounts, and more.

Secondly, do you give your customers discounts because they spend over $500 (which isn't a lot of money, by the way)?

No, of course you don't. Why should Lowes give you one then?

C'mon. Remove your head from your ***

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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Kraft kitchen cabnits

Just bought 40 thousand of kitchen cabnet self closing at loews, a rep came out they switched all defective doors that were scatched uneven and stain was smeared, sure they replaced them now some doors are uneven scratches and doors still smeared self closing need a little push come on that is a rip off... don't buy kraftsmaid...I'll never have this kitchen done.... Sure they said they would replace I would rather have them refund some of the money + they were recomended by Loews and the best maid product, they told me to just pait over them wow
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I highly doubt that you even make 40,000 a year with that grammar..... "maibe yew shood repante thim" :)


think you should retype this.. i understand you bought some cabinets from loews and they werent the best.

you spent 40 thousand dollars?

on cabinets? a rep came out and replaced all the defective doors.

Then your mad because they didnt replace them and told you to paint over them. you lost me.

oh and for that kind of money i hope you had naked models installing them for you

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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Lowe's Waxahachie TX

Update by user May 27, 2011

My blinds were finally installed after much frustration and stress. They look lovely but I will never use Lowe\'s again for anything that needs installation.

Update by user Apr 28, 2011

Update 4-27-2011

Last night I went in to sign the contract and pay for the blinds.

Once again they could not find our information. My husband and I stood in the store for 1 1/2 hours while 4 people tried to find our info. Finally an assistant manager located it on their *** computer system. Most of the information was wrong including the code for the blinds I wanted and they had someone\'s name entered for our address and phone number that I don\'t even know. All this information had to be re-entered for a third time.

I wanted to walk out after 20 minutes of this but my husband was upset because they would not give us back our $35 we paid a week before to have the contractor come out to measure.

I must say the assistant manager was really nice and I could tell he was as frustrated as we were. I hope the rest of this goes smoothly but I have very little faith now. I know one thing, I will never order anything ever again from Lowe\'s that needs installation.

Update by user Apr 26, 2011

Twenty minutes after contacting a supervisor at Lowe\'s, I was contacted by the company who does the contract work for them- measuring blinds etc. I was given a song and dance story about how I had the same first name as another customer and how dispatch got mixed up and sent someone to her home instead of mine.

I just want to say that I don\'t believe all the fault falls on Lowe\'s in this instance, but maybe they should try and get a more reliable contractor for window coverings!

Someone is on their way to my home now as I type this.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I ordered window blinds and was told within 2 days someone would call me to come in and measure the windows, no one called, so 5 days later I went into the store because no one would answer the phone in the window covering dept at the store. They then made a few calls and said someone would call me to arrange an appointment. Today I took the morning off work as someone was suppose to be here at 11am to measure the windows, it's now 2 hours later and no one has shown up or called me. I just spoke to a supervisor who is suppose to find out why their contractor did not show up. I am cancelling my order, this is very unprofessional and not right that somone takes time off work expecting someone to show up for an appointment and doesn't! BAD BAD BAD Lowe's!
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I agree with what you wrote, I think there is the possibilty of so many different people involved in one order that there is a greater chance of an error being made.

Someone finally came out to measure my windows, about an hour after that I got a call from the gal at Lowe's telling me they couldn't find my order on their computer, that another girl had entered it and they just couldn't find it, so I had to give them the info all over again.

I'm really not happy with this whole experience, and unfortunately I am not able to do this type of job myself (disabled) so I thought by going to one of the BIG stores they would have people qualified and professional, I guess I thought wrong.

I just hope when the blinds arrive that everything goes smoothly and they send someone that knows how to properly install them.


I feel for you. Lowe's are the middle man when it come to installation of their products.

Staff schedules are rotated so it's hard to contact the same person that helped you when you came into the store. Basically, you go to the store and give your information to a sales person and he then takes your information (which will be faxed to the installer), charges you a measure fee and tells you that the installer will call you within 48 hours. Now, it's this person's responsibility to give this information to the installation department or fax it him/herself. This person could forget to do this and due to a rotating schedule, he/she could be off the next day or two.

Also, the installer may not be 100% up to par. Really, I would choose this to be do it yourself project or deal directly with an installer.

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Lowes in Richardson, Texas - Warranty service is ***

GE Dryer front load 13 months old heater went out Monday Aug 2nd called for repair wrong number given in extended contract. Got correct number repair will be done Augs 4th 12/5pm good to go so far. Repair man gets here says he has to order the part will be back in about 7 days to install it. I call his number he gave me Aug 9th no answer so called the 1-888 warranty number they said I should have one part at my door step today NOT true the second part is back ordered do not know when they will get one call back next week. First off we where told of only one part being ordered second off no offer to just replace the dryer or pay for dry cleaners bills for this long wait. I call back Augs 16th part is on back order still no offer in replacement of dryer so I asked they said they could do this over a certain amount of time maybe .... 13 days / 6 people with clothes to wash / and nothing STILL not offered not ever a quarter for laundry mat. Also during this time of waiting I did try calling the repair mans number and left at least 10 messages with phone number they never answered or even called back in the 13 days waiting. THEN.... Aug 17th I get a call from the service center that my part is shipped it will be at my door step on the 18th and they gave me the repair guys number I have been calling before with no answers and was told to call him to set up a time for him to come fix the dryer. I asked if she could do this being they do not answer the phone when I call she said they are not allowed to set appts, Ok ? So I call this number again no answer , no return call asked for repair to be done on Thursday or Friday nothing happen and guess what no part here either. So just now I called Lowes warranty service said no part here yet and repair people never called me back. They just now told me this part was shipped today I will have it on monday and the warranty center has set a repair appt. on Weds Augs 25th , No one has called me about this ? I will not be here on this date you better change this ASAP and if the part is not here by Aug 24th LOWES will have a GE dryer shoved up somewhere the sun does not shine. I will NEVER buy anything from LOWES and I will make sure the military base here puts LOWES on the black list for the whole base which means no one will shop there if it's black listed .... SHAME on Lowes for having such poor service like this and run around.
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I had the same problem w/ Lowe's and my oven. Was w/out main oven for 3 weeks waiting for part sent wrong part first time around.

Fortunately our oven has a bottom drawer that can be used for baking.

I was also double charged for warranty service. Apparently Electrolux has nothing to do w/ extended warranty bought at time of purchase, so after 1 yr when factory warranty expires they send info on extending warranty.

I did not catch this until I called for repair and I was reimbursed $13 for a @180+ contract--what a rip off! :(


I couldnt agree more. Repairman was RUDE!

Washer is now broken again. Thank God for mechanic Hubby that can fix anything!

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Lowes Warranty

Another fraud caes from Lowes?

My wifes exhusband brought a refrigerator for around $1200, when he declared bankruptcy Lowes changed the name on the account to my wifes name.Is this legal? Her name never appeared on the statement before,She never signed a thing that made her a joint card holder,just a card user, they said they dont keep records passed 3yrs and were welcome to persue legal matters if we like, because it will probably cost us more than the $1200 and they dont care, the person on the phone was very rude and arrogant and could not see anything wrong in what Lowes was doing, so everyone beware!
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