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Lowes in Waxahachie, Texas - They will damage your property and wont fix it

manager at waxahachie claimed that they would "take care of it" when a pole that was supposed to be secured fell and hit my truck. As a veteran who served in Iraq twice and a first responder, i am appalled that i would be treated this way and lied to. Do not trust them, they lie and will not pay for claims when their equipment damages your property. he now tells me that he "cant do anything about it".
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What does being a veteran and first responder have to do with the situation? Shouldn't they treat every customer the same way?

You didn't say what or where this pole was. Har to tell if they should be responsible or not.

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  • Unfriendly to veterans and first responders
  • Managaer lacks integrity
  • Posts in parking lot not secure
Reason of review
their equipment damaged my property
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Let the company propose a solution

Lowes in Waxahachie, Texas - Angry but i mean the p word

today I went to the place I always go for building and repair products first off I needed a key copied. As expected no one was at the counter another customer arrived looking for Doorknobs. Security came by and noticed we were not being waited on and attempted to get help for us via the intercom - no one responded, so finally he attempted to help them himself-I waited and still no one came. I also needed a water filter- no one there.. I went to the office to find the store manager who told me all the personell had been sent to aid the hurricane victims in Louiseana, like I was *** enough to believe that. Lowes is no longer my store of choice. I spent an average of 200.00 a month in this store. I can turn left instead of right and spend my money at Home Depot. Jerry Proffitt Waxahachie TX
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You're bragging about spending 2400 dollars a year anywhere? You really make sure you keep their lights on huh? Maybe instead of standing at a counter expecting someone to just magically appear try finding someone to assist you instead.


I believe you should be hanging out at Lowes, with the rest of the tools!


Lol the definition of a tool is someone who stands around waiting on others. You are the definition of the problems with this country.

In need of others to fulfill ones own success. Grow up and be your own man, no *** a large corporation in America has its own agenda as well as there are thousands of others that need *** just in the town that you live in.

Be your own man get your own *** done. Make your money.

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Lowes Customer Care
  • Quality mdse good prices
  • Answer
  • Management and customer service
Reason of review
no sales people +management attitude
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Let the company propose a solution

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