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We first went to Lowe's to purchase the back door to our house in November. Multiple incorrect doors were ordered over the course of months, with no apology.

Three weeks ago, we finally picked up what we thought was the correct door, and again, it was incorrect-swung the wrong direction which made it impossible to use. During this time, we have had no back door to our house, causing our heating bills to be huge and restricting access to our backyard. Three weeks ago, I spent an entire day on the phone w/Lowe's trying to reach someone who could help. Finally, the store manager agreed to give us the door and installation for free.

The next week, someone came out to measure the door. Just today, we were told that we are going to be charged $325 because the person who measured the door figured out that the installation is going to be more complex. How they just figured this out today after working with us since November is difficult to understand. I spoke again with the store manager today, as did my husband.

My husband was told that given the number of mistakes that have been made on our account, the door has been very expensive for Lowe's so we should understand that they need to charge us. It is not our fault that mistakes have been made, why should we be penalized? In addition, today, the store manager told me that he never agreed that the door would be free (not true). Finally, when I asked the manager if I could speak to his supervisor, he said that his supervisor is not available.

When I asked what his protocol is when there is a customer service emergency and his supervisor is not around, he said that there is no one else to contact, no emergency number, etc. I ended up calling the Lowe's customer service line and speaking to a supervisor, who told me that someone from corporate will be calling me within the next 24 hrs. Given that it has been since November that we started this process, I spent all day on this three weeks ago, and still we have no door, and now are being charged the same amount we were quoted at the beginning but five months later have no door -- I am not hopeful. I am getting nowhere.

Ijust filed this complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am hoping they can help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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