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I bought a refrigerator from Lowes and used their delivery. The delivery was originally set up for 1/5/14, we realized we selected the wrong date and we actually wanted 1/4/14 so we went back to the store and they changed it no problem.

Got a call on 1/3/14 with a time frame for the delivery, and about 5 minutes before the supposed delivery time we got another call saying the item never came in and would not be in until overnight Sunday. Now it is very hard to believe someone would create a system that called you with a time but there was no product to deliver. I chalked it up to the storm that happened two days earlier. So I set up the new date to 1/11/14.

We got a call for the time of 2-4. 4pm comes and goes so I call the store. They are by far the worst to deal with esp when you call the customer service desk, they are useless and know nothing and when you ask for a manager they never pick up they just put you on hold long enough to make you hang up. After being on the phone for over 20 mins the customer service desk (not a manager because they still never picked up) finally found out the delivery company tried to deliver to the wrong address.

Now mind you my address is the simplest address that ALL navigation units bring you to the right street and my house and mailbox are clearly marked.

So the customer service desk said they would be here within the hour, now that has come and gone and still no refrigerator. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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the delivery was free, come on

@Gary Edwards


Now a days most major appliance dealers offer free delivery. It is how they deliver it that makes them stand out compared to the rest of the pack.

Lowes in my area has turned into the bottom of the pack with service inside the store and the companies they chose to hire to represent them. So my review is for others to look at and make their own decision and hopefully for Lowes corporate to make changes eventually because this delivery company has many many bad reviews which is extremely poor representation of Lowes.


My sister has had issues with a Lowes refrigerator for over a month now. Brand new with warranty - they have tried to repair three times in one month.

Finally they tell her they will replace it - but it will take 14 days!

How do you live without a refrigerator for over a month. She went to Lowes today - to find out they aren't sure where her refrigerator is - or when it will arrive (was to be delivered tomorrow) Not shopping at Lowes!


You and your sister must have bought a special order fridge, so there for Lowe's has to order you another one and it takes about 2 weeks to arrive at Lowe's. Next time that happens, you might want to ask Lowes to supply you with a loaner fridge until your sos fridge arrives