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I went to Lowe's to buy some landscaping timber and a store employee came

towards me and instead of asking if I needed help just looked at me and keep on going didn't say too words to me so I finally had to walk around until I found some one and I was told that (I don't work in that area)Which

I is fine but the person in question could have called some one who does

work in that department on his radio but he didn't and walked off again I was left in the cold so to speak and as much money that I have spent there

I figure I should have been able to at least ask some one where the timber was located so I left and went to Menard's and guess what I got treated like a customer instead of a fixture.

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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #146273

You could be correct about what you say

but I still go to Lowes I enjoy shopping

there for what I need I was upset with

the fact this person just looked at me and walked off not with lowes it self and

I dont have a lot of complaints about the

serive nor the people that work there

I guess he must have been on his lunch break but at least he could have pointed

me in the right drection

But its water under the bridge and thank

you for your reply.


The person u probably talked to was new ... Don't judge a store based on a bad apple...

Durring our busy season a lot of employees are trained, but not fully. The 1 or 2nd person should have walked u to a specialist or someone who could help u. I get people who come in my lowes in.

Ohio and say how great the service is compared to home depot. So I guess it's all in who you talk to.

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