Maysville, Kentucky
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When u go to lowes and u can't find what u need. Then ask for help, they treat u like *** when u tell them u have a double wide.

I buy alot at lowes. I know that there is a differsant in some things in a house then a double wide. You can make alot of things work.

I don't have a problem with any of the products at lowes, just the way they treat u when they know it goes on a double wide. The employees treat u like they don't want to help u no more.

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im not surew what lowes store your shopping atbut i can tell you as a lowes employee it make no difference to us what you live in....if your there to purchase something we are there to help. I know that most of us have worked at my sotre for several years but i can tell you i still dont know every single item that our store carries

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