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It started in June when I signed a contract with Lowe's to add to an existing fence (I was fully enclosing my dog run). The contract stated that the work would be completed by Sunday, July 16th.

Lowe's did not show up or even return my numerous calls 'til I said I wanted my money back. A young woman from Lowe's installation company called and told me I needed a permit to do this. After spending an entire day checking on this "needed" permit... I was told that I didn't need a permit !

I called my salesman and told him if Lowe's can't put my fence in by next week I want a full refund or I'd sue them for breach of contract. Immediately after talking with the salesman, the installation dept. called. Lowe's put the fence up Monday July 24th, EIGHT days after the contractually agreed upon date.

The fence Lowe's put up was rusted. I pointed this out to the installers and they told me to wire brush the rust out and spray it with WD-40. I said no. Then they said they'd do it if I had some WD-40, after spending 20 minutes looking for the oil it dawned on me that I didn't work for Lowe's.

I told the installer's to call their sprvsr. and that I'd paid for a NEW fence. The installers said they'd come back and replace the fence in 2 weeks or less. They never came.

After SIX calls I was finally given a new fence on August 11th.

Terrible experience. Lowe's should be ashamed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Fence Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1526.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Read the compliant tired of playing games.

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What kinda of *** reply ? Isn’t it consumer protection against things like this ? Shane on Lowe’s , the thing is sign the contract through Lowe’s , not with the “lowest bidder” , from the eyes of the law , Lowe’s is fully responsible for their so called “ lowest bidder “


Lowe's doesn't install fences or anything else. They contract it out to the lowest bidder so they can be the lowest priced company selling fences. What else did you expect when you bought the lowest price fence you could find?

to Anonymous #1390709

Lowes Customer service is horrible hands down trust me i know i install for lowes. I would never recommend lowes installation to anyone i care about.

They only get customers because they finance. Ive witnessed so many nightmares i could write a book thicker then the bible.

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