Savannah, Georgia

I went to Lowes in Savannah, GA to purchase laminate plank flooring for my den. They sent 2 (of their best?) installers out to look at and measure my room.

The carpet was already pulled up and they measured the bare concrete floor. I talked with them about laminate flooring. Even though they wrote on the installation order that there could be an issue with the floor not being level, they gave me no indication that laminate would not work because the concrete was not level. I purchased the floor and had it delivered, it took 2 weeks to get on the installation schedule.

Yesterday when the installer (not the same one) came out to do the installation, he took one look and said he could not lay the floor because the concrete was not level. The response I got from the people in the store was they never knew if a product could be installed until the day of installation. I paid $35 for the measurement of my room and they refuse to refund my money because a service was rendered!!

I also have asked that they send a truck to pick up the product; a day and a half later no one has called to schedule pick-up. Oh, and I received a bill in the mail for all of this last week!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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