we bought a trim a tree tree for christmas.Beautiful tree $299.00, The Christmas of 06.

When we put the tree up this year half the lights would not work. We called Lowes in Pocomoke,Md. they told us to bring it back for a refund, since the warranty for the lights was 5 years for the and 3 for the tree. since we live 50 miles away this was no small task.

When we got there they said they couldn't do any thing about it. I think they should stand by their products.

My husband and I are senior citizes and this tree was heavy and no one would help us remove the tree from our car.

To make a long story short we will not be using our lowes card any more or buying anything at all from lowes.The Home depot store is ja little farther away, Thanks, Mr and Mrs Charles Massey

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I had a similar situation this morning.A customer comes in and wants to know what Lowe's is going to do for her since her Over the range microwave quit working after 5 years.

Lowe's offers a 1 year replacement on something small like that but the customer didn't purchase nor would it have mattered anyway since the Micro is 5 yrs old. I gave her the number to the service advantage and told her to call for service, she said that its going to cost her, and I told her yes, it will, but it's not Lowe's problem that the micro only lasted 5 years, she should call GE and complain to them. Same with your Christmas tree. You had the darn thing for years now all of a sudden cause some light went out you want a big refund.

I say you don't deserve any refund.At most I'd discount a new string of lights for you.


That's what happened when you buy the garbage made in china!!! Buy American or don't buy it at all.


LOL hahahaa!!Exactly.

Its 4 years old. What do they expect?

You have to store it properly and take care of it if you expect it work after so long after purchasing.Lowes is not responsible for that.


There are a few problems I have with your story.

1. Nobody would help you take it off the top of your car? A seasonal or lawn and garden associate would have, had you asked. If you had to wait, then that's the price you pay for being unable to do it yourself. But I don't believe they simply refused.

2. The warranty may be 5 years or 20 years, but it's a manufacturer warranty. Lowe's does not give extended warranties on Christmas trees or Christmas lights. If somebody told you to come in, you should have gotten their name and their position so they could be held accountable.

3. Lowe's, the retailer, and whatever brand Christmas tree you bought, probably aren't one in the same. So Lowe's doesn't have an obligation to stand by the product years later. They offer a 90 day guarantee that you'll enjoy the item, with conditions, and if it's something that Lowe's owns, like Kobalt, then they'll offer a warranty. But Christmas trees and other seasonal items are just that. Seasonal items that they sell.

This is not an issue with Lowe's but with the manufacturer.


SO you bought a tree 4 years ago and now the lights dont half work and its lowes fault?How about finding the light or the loose connection.

But call good year and tell them your tires are worn out after 4 years.LOL

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