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Cone flowers almost dead were 50 per cent off asked if the cashier could reduce them in price about 10 of them almost dry as a bone sain no the plant specialist KEVIN will be in at 11 am no manager csn reduce the price said no the plant speclist KEVIN also told me the that the sunflowers 4 a dollat r pernninals and comback ever yesr whst a JOKE WERE AND WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE THE WORST

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Just because they won't mark a product down to the price you want doesn't make them the worst store on earth. If you don't like their price don't buy the product there and go elsewhere.

When I was working retail I always knew what I could get for a damaged or less than perfect product. Yes, I would turn away lower offers but end up selling the product at the price I had it marked it within a day or two.

Stores are in business to make money. Giving discounts below what a product will sell for doesn't make sound business sense.

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