Winthrop, Massachusetts
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I have recently been terminated by a Lowes here in Massachusetts. The name of the store manager I worked for is Mark Gullotti. I have NEVER, in my life, met such a demeaning, unprofessional, unethical, ingenuine, heartless, ***!

Typically, with large corporations, you find that people fairly far up the ladder are "removed" from the daily happenings within the company, and are unappreciative of the hard work of their employees. (a good example of this is that new show, "Undercover Boss", which shows CEO's and such going undercover to see what the daily operations are like in their stores, factories, etc.)

What's unbelievable, is that a Store Manager can be this removed and blind to the actual issues within his own store! He is completely unappreciative of his workers, any praise that he does give- seems completely forced and fake, his main concern is not for the relationships created with his employees & customers, but rather his bonuses! And what he doesn't understand, unbelievably, is that the 2 go hand-in-hand. You HAVE to take care of your customers AND your employees to make money!

He has surrounded himself with braindead managers that won't question his shady business practices, has aligned himself with the District Manager and has the HR Manager wrapped around his finger. Thereby protecting himself from any backlash from disgruntled employees. (many of which have filed complaints)

DON'T SHOP @ LOWES IN SAUGUS, MA! Don't let this *** make his bonus! And if you've had a bad experience shopping there, call 1--800-44-LOWES and report it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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lowes new employees at paint desk need to be fire there are nasty to employees :sigh


The assistant managers have been reported to *** with casihers in the electrical room etc. Cashiers make for an added perk for ASM's!


You all should be ashamed of yourselves talking about each other. If you have anything to say about Lowes then you should just talk about that.

Like managers that don't appreciate hard workers who actually take care of departments when someone calls in.

This manager don't even consider him for other jobs for full time, which this person has been applying for. This person practically knows how to run a lot of departments, and don't consider them for a full time position.


Is it really true that Mark got arrested for burglary? And, did he really get fired from Lowe's? I've known him for many years but would never suspect that.


heard your "furor" got arrested in quincy, ma for breaking and entering and burglary plus as i read below he was sleeping with a married women who worked for him and he was terminated for that plus he has a sexual harrassment case against him and on top of all that his friend told me he has a coke habit himself wow good guy for all you sheep to defend good luck in your recovery vicky always liked you as a person


I worked there too. That guy sucked! Vic was good, you guys wrote some rediculous stuff and look ***.

#316618 guys are not very articulate! Yay, you figured out it was me (Vicky), and instead of tactfully and tastefully defending your "furor", you attack me on a personal level!

I spoke of his lack of professionalism, you guys attack MY looks, etc. Pretty sad. I'm a recovering drug addict and I can put together a clearer, more consise argument than you can!

How does it feel??? Don't smile in my face and write BS degrade yourselves and look foolish!!!




who did mark nail come on names and places lol everyone knows she makes it no secret


Absolutely not true! Mark nailed her after he left Lowes.

As for the "maniac" his wife went out of her way to introduce him to me knowing I knew what was going on. I laugh every time he walks in the store.


The real reason mark left lowes is because he was having an affair with a married women and the mother of three children. I only hope the fat *** husband finds out cause the rumor at lowes is that he is a maniac and will hunt the *** down.

Sad how she threw herself at him so much for being discreet and from what I understand she isnt the only employee he banged. Good luck mark when her husband finds out i hope he does




Vicky I fired you because I wanted to have personal relations with you in my yellow corvette but I was too busy and had some "short comings". I would have done everything in my power to unload my baby batter all over those realistically drawn eye brows.

:p I had to fire you because I didn't want anyone to find out about our love.

Also, you are a crackhead and slept with that tall *** dude I hired that smells like arm pits. if you had been a little more horizontal about those eye brow stencils, perhaps you could have stayed and you would have looked like a woman rather than a failed art school portfolio.



Vicky wipe your fake *** eyebrows off and quit crying


Vicky. We know this is you.

No one likes you and no one cares about you. You are a drug addicted *** who had sex with an old man who worked with you that smells like arm pits. We also know that you do drugs with the kid from flooring. You are a loser and you always will be.

You look like a *** and you do drugs all day and you did buy them on the premises. ***.

Stop painting on your eye brows while you're at it. No one thinks that they are real.


Mark Gullotti is no longer the store manager. He did a very good job in getting rid of people like handy girl and other drug addicts who never show up to work or ran their own show and give discounts to people they can get drugs.

There are some more drug addicts and peddlers still in working in the store. they too come and go when like. We the low end hourly employees pay for these useless piece of s-----ts. Stop blaming Mark Gullotti and others.

He ran a good store. There are some decent managers are still in the store with us who work hard and respect everyone.

We are happy to see people like you are no more at Lowe's handy girl. Stop your rant


Maybe you were fired for having sex with a fellow associate, or for your drug use. Keep in mind that the people who worked with you, know the real you!! Don't blame others for your own faults!


First of this blog is disgusting and was created by some low life that didn't wanna admit how much they sucked at their life as well as their job. Yes I am a current employee of lowes I have work under mark g.

As well as different store manager. Mark might have been tough but guess what that's his job, he had to run a store with mostly lil cry baby *** that post lame *** post afters they get fired for mannyyyy mannyy different reason. I'm not saying mark was perfect but get a effin life seriously yes he's gone and this current store is stuck in limbo without their captain someone that I've come to understand and greatly respect.

Guess what you feel mark didn't like you or he was always hard on you maybe if you got off your lazy *** and off the drugs and did your job correctly he wouldn't have been up your ***...... I dare you to ask me who I am ill straight up tell you your a useless S.O.B that will eventually overdose and die don't blame you being a low life on Mark


this is crazy who cares I know he has *** alot of people over but that's life you know we all make are own descisions in life and I don't agree with the way mark treated people but in that size of a store and with the way we all acted like a bunch or rumor telling snitching babies. Come people get real if we just minded our bussines went 2 work and went home it would have been a better workplace we all started trouble but the lowest ones are the ones who kiss-*** atleast be real and stop being fake you rats - :( :cry :(