Deltona, Florida
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I bought a 5 year warrantee for my Whirlpool dryer. The dryer has been serviced and parts replaced several times in six months...and it still DOESNT WORK, but they still say it has to break down 1 more time to replace it.

How can it break down again if it doesn't work. Don't buy the extended warrantee or you will be posting the same complaint. I lost $900 on this one...they will offer loops holes to justify not replacing it, the lemon product. To add insult to injury Mike the manager at the orange city lowes says he will allow me to buy another one at the store cost, they will sell you a bridge if you listen to them.

Don't trust them, it's all about money and policies that work against your security in their so called warrantee guarantee.

Sincerely, Latara Walker Deltona, fl

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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