Tucson, Arizona
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TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR IT'S CUSTOMERS. They have some girl that works in the garden department - female gilligan we call her.

She has NO respect for customers. We caught her up at the cashier registers speaking with cashier just trashing a customer that she had been helping, mocking the way the customer spoke and walked. When the manager was notified, all that was said; oh gosh, i'm sorry... what is that..

well yeah, i guess you are sorry if that's all you can do about it! the employees was completely unprofessional, and you know if she did it once, and did care who was watching or heard, she's done it before, the store is going totally down hill!!!!!!

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Get over it. Seriously customers are far from nice.

They are down right rude and mean then expect you to treat them with total respect they're the customer after all. F THAT, treat me bad and I will treat you bad right back. Clearly this Lowes employee was just venting after a bad experience with a customer. To top it off you want her punished!

Punished for what exactly? Expressing her feelings? Lowes employees are people too and have the rights you do.

Matter of fact you bad mouthing a "bad mouther" on the internet. Think about it....


Ur an ***! Bad employees is right!

we witnessed the entire incident. The employee was most unprofessional. the customer had not done anything! The customer had infact waited for about 20 minutes for the RUDE employee to come and look at a plant.

The customer said NOTHING INEXCUSABLE! and was not rude, mocking or anything. You MUST BE MALE, or a bipolar female!

or some 20year punk! with NO respect for anyone!


i have run a contracting business for over thirty years. if i had an employee who as yourself thought it was ok to vent on customers or even discuss in in front of another customer, id fire him in a heartbeat.

Customer service means everything to a small business. As for Lowes they have the worst customer service I've ever seen.

I've been lied too on more occasions than I can even remember. I've received defective merchandise, the wrong item and the wrong quantity. Its usually a terrible experience to try to get anything corrected.

I guess the answer would be to not purchase anything from them. The reality of this situation is that im in a small twn and once they build a store in a small town they run all the local merchants out of business


Some of the customers aren't much better.