Charlottesville, Virginia

Went to leave the store at 8:30pm all regular checkouts were closed only option was to use the self checkout. It didn't function properly, two check out people tried to help left store at about 8:50.

they said they were short handed. Didn't buy that line if they would have had the two people at the self check out running the regular registers the lines would have moved much faster. Oh well I won't go back unless absolutely necessary.

the ceo and board might try paying themselves a little less and paying the help better.

Or, go to Chick Filet and see what customer service is all about. SEE YA

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This person isn't wrong -- the scanners are very poor and don't always work.

The employees at the Lowe's in Charlottesville are seriously disgruntled.

There are a few that are very nice and very helpful, but my favorite experiences at Lowe's are when there is a long line at the customer service desk and there are 5 or 6 employees standing behind it, most of them doing *nothing*. I guess they are all "on break".

Try the one in Zion's Crossroads -- it has a better selection any ways.


The self checkouts are only meant for the 1% of the population intelligent enough to know how to use them.