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THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!! I am a disabled Vietvet.

I have bought MANY things from Lowes. No problem. BUT this last purchase could only be delivered by truck..... $62 I cancelled the order but they won't refund my money!

I talked to a " manager" who was only interested in being my adversary not being of any help. She says they have already refunded me as of 2/2 Funny thing is Wells Fargo does not show this. Then the nasty latina *** in a very condcending manner say " jou know de banks are clos-ed on sunday.

THIS IS YOUR MANAGER!? Why do you keep my $ I am really happy there is a Home Depot near,, I am never setting foot in a lowes

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: You will not refund on an order that you never delivered.

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Most people get pissed because they don't now how credit cards work. The bank doesn't take the money out immediately, they put a hold on it and then it's processed out in batches.

The money is in "limbo" until it clears.

The same happens with a return. The stores account with have a hold on the money until the batch processes and it's cleared and deposited into your account

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Complain to your bank about this.


Why do you think you are entitled to "better" or "more" customer service because you are a disabled vet? Your racist comments regarding the Lowes employee tell us all we need to know about you.


You will find that the banking system is very quick in taking money out of your account but there is a delay of a few days when Money is being credited back. If you are a vietvet you are old enough to know what bankers hours are and shouldn't expect to see the credit show up over the weekend.

You will more than likely see it credited on Monday or Tuesday. Blame the banking system, not Lowes.

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