Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Our door looks fine on the outside but the bottom portion of the side lighting is a different color.

So cheap composite plastic. Can't paint it to. nothing will stick to it.

No where in the documentation does it say it would be a different color or material.

This sticks out like a sore thumb. Everyone who has seen it say it is an eye sore.

To add salt to my injury, Therma Tru states there is no defect or issue with the door.

Just spent 4 grand on a door that looks cheap and poor. Therma Tru states they would

supply a crown type molding to go over the defective piece. If I do that it will never match.

Why does Therma Tru put such a piece on ther door. According to them it is to make it structurally


This is definitely a defect they are tryiong to cover up.


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I am having the same issue. Lowe's installed the door last week and company reps will be looking at the installation next week.

Was your problem solved?


I have 2 doors that have a vinyl outer face. This acts as the nailing fin and J channel for the siding.

Why why why does therma tru NOT weld this vinyl. Both of my doors leak. Costing me and my builder lots of time and money. After countless failed solutions.

I had the the company's REP out. And there solution was to add an extra "Flashing" piece.

I am extremely disappointed with the quality of these doors. :(


Dear Customer,

We appreciate your feedback concerning the standard trim piece that is on the bottom of your sidelites. The light oak trim piece will allow your door to function normally and is not used to make the door structurally sound. The door system is not defective.

This standard trim piece can be stained. To stain, lightly sand the trim piece and apply your stain. We will be happy to compensate you for a piece of molding and also provide you with stain. Please contact us to receive this compensation at 866-584-3668.

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