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When I go to Lowes to complain that my first alert P1210 model is failing in Mass at my apartment complex they won't take them back without a receipt and feel it is first alerts problem not theirs. I used to think they were a good company but not anymore.

They went from being a good company to the pits! Bring back the one-year First Alert alarms and I will gladly change the batteries. I demand new smoke alarms that actually last 10 years! I know plenty of other people are having trouble with these alarms.

I have a maintenance man who moonlights from a large complex and he told me they take these back regularly and they regret ever having put them in. this company really needs to be held accountable for poor product that does not do what they originally claimed it to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Alert P1210 Smoke Detector.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Today’s date November 20,2018 I recently had one out of 8 first alert P1210 model with a manufacturing date of 07-31-2017 ( purchased and installed from Lowe’s in November 2017) continuing to go off. First time scared us due to being at 3:00 in the morning!

I researched online to blow it out and vacuum what I could even though nothing came out. Then it went off again.

So I called First Alert consumer affairs number 1-800-323-9005 and a gentleman asked some basic questions and had a new unit shipped to the home at no charge. This is my experience so far.


I had installed one of these two years ago. What I find almost as disconcerting as the complete lack of care shown by my townhouse neighbors to maybe call or at least notify the authorities about the alarm going off was the short time span and life expectancy of this device. It will be a long time before I buy another First Alert smoke detector.


This message is not necessarily for this post only, but for all those reporting a defective First-Alert P1210 smoke detector. For warranty call 1-800-323-9005.

They were experiencing "high call volume" and I had to wait a whole 2 min. I personally think that's impressive. But first of all, here is the solution - possibly - likely - time will tell. Use compressed air or compressor, blow into the SIDES of the unit to loosen dirt, bugs etc.

Then vacuum out. This should be done periodically since bugs and dirt will cause it to give false alarms.

to Jon Lee #1579241

I have a rental house full of these P1210 Units. One in the main hallway began sounding alarm at night then intermittently during the day.

The units were installed brand new in June of 2018. Another one in the Kitchen also sounded once in a while and we were not cooking. The Mfg Date was March 2018. We purchased a can of air and sprayed all the orifices we could fine.

It still went off so we sprayed it again. If I owned this house I would replace them all immediately with reliable alarms. I will call the consumer affairs nr but I am expecting a hassle since I don't have the invoice.

Yes I can call the owners. No, I will not...because it might appear we are cranky old *** Couple of hundred dollars will give me new and reliable alarms and maybe more sleep at night.


Would you want to take back a faulty item that someone has no proof when or where they bought it? Really now. Use your common sense and quit complaining.

to Anon #1577362

The manufacture date of the detector is printed on the back of the unit.

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