Binghamton, New York

I went to Lowe's to look for a washer and dryer. One of the service men said that he would be right with me, and he went of head to help these white people.

And minutes later another service man said that he would be right with me and the other guy came back and said that he did not forget about me, yet and still he brought white people back with him that he helped before he would help me. And the other guy that said he would be with me went to help these other white people instead of me.

I stood there waiting for help for thirty minutes and I just could not take it any more so I left nearly in tears. I was pissed at the way I was treated as though I was not there.

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Ever since i started watchn hard core pawn, i dont serve coloreds because im afraid of a chimpout.


Liar, I was not checked out because I'm white! Lowes hates white people!

I was invisible ... Lowes is racist against whites!


OMG!! Race again everything is about race, that's what wrong with America it's crazy!!

Shop at Lowes and it turns into a racial war online.I am looking for cabinets for Gods Sake and see a bunch of people who knows absolutely nothing about getting along with each other to at least make a dent in this crazy screwed up country of ours where everyone would rather hate each other and use hurtful words, You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!! Grow UP!!!


Im so sick of black people always complaining about how they get disrespected. They dont mind it when they are talkn trash about white people and calling them cracker or honky or whatever but god forbid u say something back to them then its racism.

Racism works both ways.

Why should the white people be quiet and afraid but the black can run their mouths. Just shut the *** up.


I'm gonna have to go along with the original poster on this one, only in the other side of the coin, as it were; It makes me ashamed to be white when I go walking through a section such as appliances (especially at Lowe's).

Invariably, one of the department staff jump through their own *** to help me, stopping cold while they are clearly in the middle of assisting a man, woman or couple of color.

It seems clear to me that the sales staff are in dire need of re-training and perhaps a corporate sponsored sociology class.

Salespeople, you are on notice: The money in the pocket of that person of color you just insulted is just as green as mine. You guys need to stop worrying about your commission based on your obviously incorrect perceptions and get your priorities straight.


Yo dawg yo retarded! I guess they shoulda brought you a 40 and allowed you to park your benz in the store while you shopped uh?


When people want to get special treatment they just pull out their "race" card… Just the way you say "White People" means that you are as racist as the person you are accusing…


As you can see from the person who asks, "how you know those White people weren't there first?" People just don't want to believe that this is a common experience that Blacks go through on a daily basis. In my similar experience at Lowes, It was more blatant and confirmed by the Customer service Employee's comment to me about being in a predominately White neighborhood, as his justification for this treatment.

In actuality, I was clearly there first and the employee put me on hold three times to help White customers that came up and just interrupted us and he would walk away and leave me hanging there, until I finally confronted him on his behavior. My point is that the public's first response is to defend this behavior and automatically doubt the complaint if it comes from a Black person.


I had the exact same experience at lowes from one of their Hispanic Customer Service Employees that kept doing the exact same thing to me and when I confronted him about this treatment, he told me that I was in a predominately White neighborhood. I wrote to the corporate office and got an email response. I have not seen that employee working there any longer, but I seriously doubt if his departure from Lowes had any connection to my letter to Lowes corporate office.


Can you explain to me how you knew those white people weren't there first?

Oh, and hahahahahaha