Eugene, Oregon
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the were loading a chest freezer into my car and just tossed it in and broke off the rear plastic interior panel in the back of my trunk the guy di not seam to care much luckly i found a replacement part cheap at B&R Auto Wrecking.

they do sell decent stuff though :)

the holiday 5.0 chest freezer has been good and not to loud we got it a few weeks ago and it holds alot of food sorry im ramebling i guss it makes use have 100 words on here i think lowes is okay but should of offered to fix my car

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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I'm laughing at your complaint and here's why:

#1. They were loading a CHEST FREEZER into your CAR. FREEZER ... CAR. Is it duh or no duh?

#2. "They do sell decent stuff though, smiley emoticon." Who does, Lowes or the junk yard?

Okay, stay with me here.

#3. You're freezer is "good, not to loud and holds a lot of food". How did we get here?

#4. So you still think Lowe's is okay but they should have fixed your car ... that you ALREADY fixed? At this point, why? It's over and done with thanks to B&R Auto Wrecking.

Just quickly--look at my comment. I use commas, periods, and general grammar correctly. One hundred words or not, your complaint was just one big, confusing, messed-up, run-on sentence.

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