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We ordered a refrigerator and scheduled a delivery for 02-06-2010. We were told someone would call the day before to give us a time frame for the delivery.

NO ONE CALLED. On 02-06-2010 we were told someone forgot to schedule the delivery. Lowe's has a delivery policy and advertising that says FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY, FREE HAUL AWAY. The delivery was not scheduled for the next day as advertised.

The delivery was never made and were told we would have to wait for the next delivery date the following week.

They should suffer consequences for FALSE ADVERTISING and EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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sorry ur upset i work for lowes in delivery and they r right sometimes the salesman forgets to set up the delivery if that happens we dont know it needs delivered but u did the right thing call over the store and it will get resolved


I e-mailed everybody I could find including the CEO. One phone call from him took care of everything.

We are getting our refrigerator thanks to Kamoi Gilman and his staff.

I'll be spreading the word that if Lowe's screws up they fix it!. Thank you to Kam and everyone who had a part in fixing the problem.


Try too resolve your Lowe's problems with there CEO, Robert Niblock. Good Luck! You'll need it.