Darlington, South Carolina

I bought a mower two weeks ahead of the delivery date so I could get it delivered in the morning. ( I work Evenings).

When I didnt get it that morning I called And was told it was on the afternoon delivery truck. Needless to say I sit home eight hours went to work two hours late and still no mower.

They promised it tomorrow but I'm not counting on it.I spend a lot of money at lowes but I think that is going to stop real quick, Home depot does a much better job. I am real pissed.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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They delivered on here today...$3000 John Deere, Only problem is it RUSTED. They delivered a piece of junk they are trying to unload out of storage


If Depot does a better job why didnt you buy the mower there?


Until people start cancelling their orders when they don't get their deliveries on time, Lowes will do nothing.

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