Amarillo, Texas

INCOMPETENT PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THIS STORE. I made an order with them 2 weeks ago and they have had my money for 2 weeks.

When I called to check in on the order wondering where it was, they said it hadn't even been sent yet...even though the order was ready to be sent...and was paid for. Then I was told that they would be shipping it over night to me so that I would get it today...Alas, I have still not received anything. Worse yet, they can't even tell me if the order was shipped out yet or not...apparently they dont keep great records of shipments they make...and they know nothing...but as long as they have my money, I guess they don't care about anything else. I am so disappointed with the way in which I have been treated and disregarded.

I finally talked with some corporate supervisor and told them that I want my credit card reimbursed and I will be taking my business elsewhere...I still have yet to be reimbursed! The tile guy is supposed to come tomorrow to install tile i do not have. awesom! Such bad customer service that I think they must be unhappy people who hate their jobs...because they just dont care.

Go to Home Depot...or order from Wayfair.

I will never order with Lowes again. -Elizabeth

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Lowe's can't tell you if your order has shipped because they don't maufacture a *** thing in the store. They are waiting on the vendor to ship the item!!!!!!!!!! Grow up.


You tell someone to go to Home Depot, which doesn't matter because someone will be pissed with Home Depot and go to Lowes. I'm sure your business won't be missed.

By the time I'm finished with this comment, Lowes has gained a new customer because Depot pissed them off. Evens out.

Move on. Next.