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Placed a order with Lowes store in Salisbury NC, on 6-16- 2018 for a john Deere mower. Because they didn't have one in the store already put together I was told that John Deere would have to come out and put it together.

We were told that we would receive it the following Thursday June the 21st 2018. On Wednesday the June 20th. 2018 I receive a call form the store saying that they would not be able to deliver our mower on Friday yes they said Friday because they didn't have a truck going out on Friday but would deliver on Saturday. On Friday got a call that said they would be here with our mower on Saturday between 9 am and 11 am.

On Saturday at 8: 44 am Got a call that said she (Hazel) was the backend manger and that they could not bring our mower out due to it has not been put together yet. Hazel said the sales person failed to call John Deere for them to come out. I immediately called back to the store and spoke with Manger( John) after checking he of course apologized and said that yes John Deere had been called and they just had not been out to do the job. He said we will get the mower out to you next Tuesday, I was upset because they have our money and we sit hare with out a mower and have a huge yard that needs to be mowed.

I took it upon myself to call John Deere to make sure they would go out next week to put it together the lady that schedules told me she is the only person that does the schedule for this job and that no one called last week for a mower to be put together at Salisbury store. But however they just called her right before I called. She said the earliest they could do it is Wednesday 27th 2018. After seeing the problem was with Lowes I called Lowes home office (Dale) He while I was on hold spoke with the manger at the Lowes store in Salisbury NC, He came back to me and said that yes someone at the store had dropped the ball on this and that the manger at the store told him I would receive my mower on Tuesday June 26th 2018 I said well that's a lie the people from John Deere won't be there till Wednesday 27th.

So after all the time on the phone and all the lies told and grass still not cut who knows when I will get the mower. They already have the money .

If only I knew this is the way they do business we would have went some where else. so just a fair WARNING if your buying a mower and what to get it at a reasonable time span don't buy from the store in Salisbury .

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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The John Deere mowers sold by Lowe's and Home depot are manufactured in the exact same plant by the exact same people that make the Yard Machines mowers. They are NOT manufactured by John Deere in a john Deere plant. They are crap in JD green and yellow paint, nothing more.


Get a refund and go to a John Deere dealer and buy a real mower. You will be glad you did in more ways than one.

Yes you will pay a little more but you will also buy a better mower. The 100 series mower they sell at home centers are a much lighter weight mower and have a lot fewer features than you will find on their 300 series mower that you would buy at a dealer.


I have been shopping at Lowe’s for 10 years I ordered a Picketfence six weeks ago it’s still in my yard .. never got installed I am not paying for it I’m going to get a lawyer they keep making excuses after excuses after excuses ..I will never shop there again so now I have the headache of getting my money back and dealing with the lawyer

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