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BOSCH sucks washer didn't clean.I bought a washer&dryer to match normal right.I bought extended warrenty.Both needed fixed befor one year.My washer has been broke sence 5-25-08 they keep saying they are going to fix it.The laundry mat has made more than more than I paid for them all most.Every time I email them they say they neen some more enfo but they have been out and fixed them before so it just keeps breaking.You should see all the cracks in my dryer by the screws in the door.I'm to old for this ***

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Are you in Anger Management classes Retailer4life???? you seem bitter


If you have your receipt and the extended protection plan call the number for the service advantage.They will tell you what to do to get it fixed.

Normally send a tech hired out to come and look at it.

This number has to be called if it to be fixed.Hope this helps.


Instead of buying a wash machine, I honestly feel that your money could have been better spent taking remedial grammar lessons.


Instead of buying a wash machine, I honestly feel that your money could have been better spent taking remedial grammar lessons.

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