Fayetteville, North Carolina
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I went to the Lowes Home Improvement Store In Smithfield On Brightleaf Blvd. I had ordered an appliance online and came in to pick it up.

You wouldn't believe how long I stood at the customer Service Desk waiting for someone to notice I needed help. Then I finially got the person at customer services attention. If she wasn't busy texting on her phone she would've of noticed me in the first place!Anyway a long story short. I arrived in lowes at 2pm and left there with my appliance at 6pm!!!!!

I will never order or go to them again...

I can't stand the way they are. Poor customer service and the employee's are more slow than helpful.

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Update! We received a new gas grill fully assembled today at 2:15 PM.

The young men that delivered it were very helpful and courteous. It was a happy ending to a very frustrating situation.


I have now experienced two problems with this store in only 3 months after shopping here for 10 years without issue.

We picked up a grill there yesterday. The person at the counter told us to wait in the loading zone and the item would be delivered to us. We waited in the prescribed area for 15 minutes then my wife went back in and asked the lady what was happening. Then she (my wife) was informed by the same Associate that we would have to get a cart and go to the aisle where the item was located. What was that all about I ask??

Then I received the 100 lb. box and was unable to get any help to load it in my truck. The young lady at the service desk must have called "Code 50" about 5 times and no one showed up. I was disgusted and just did it by myself. Also, FYI - there was no loading activity going on outside.

Here's the kicker: I got the gas grill home to find that it was damaged beyond use.

My wife called the store at that point because I was too "hot." She got cut-off 3 times. Finally she spoke with a gentleman that said he would have another grill assembled and have it delivered today. I am now waiting for this to happen.

If I cannot get this resolved I will start a process to speak with someone at Corporate headquarters far beyond Kelvin Redd and Rex Rhyne. Folks you've got way too many Managers, Generals, Admirals and Chiefs but I couldn't get help putting a 100 lb. box in my truck. Hey, Kelvin!! Hey Rex!! Guys, I could have used your hand! :(


If your appliance was not ready when you picked it , Lowes is suppose to give you a gift crd worth 25.oo. Once an order is placed on the internet, Lowes has 30 minutes to pull that item and have it ready for pickup. Otherwise they must give a gift card for the inconvience


I have been a very satisfied customer of the Lowe's Smithfield store for 10 years. 99% of the folks have been just as nice and helpful as they can be.

Yesterday, however, I ran into my first legitimate issue with a single employee that had apparently forgotten that he worked for Lowe's and thought he was going to play games with me. Believe me when I say that he pushed my buttons and I walked away from this person before I began expressing myself in that aisle.

As soon as I got home I sent a formal complaint via email to Lowe's corporate. I didn't think twice about it.

It is the company's policy that following a written complaint, a store manager contacts you within 24 hours. The gentleman did call and apologized for the unwarranted incident that had happened.

The point I am making is that when you encounter a "real" problem let corporate know in written fashion. I do believe that Lowe's will listen and act.


Most all of my experiences at Lowes of Smithfield have been very good.... except for ONE.

One time I was at the Service counter to check out and the young lady saw me, her desk top phone rang, she turned her back to me, proceeded to laugh and giggle with the person on the line, which I assumed was someone whom worked there because it was an inside call, then when she finished she rang-up my products. As I was greeted by another Lowes manager type person at the front registers while on my way out the door,I told her how I was treated and she addressed the issue immediately and appologized. I felt better and I hope the young lady received additional training.

My very best experience with Lowes of Smithfield just happened about 4 weeks ago. I bought an out building (Wood Rainer 10 x 10)and Ms Erica in the lumber dept.

gave me excellent service, was very knowledgeable of the product and most of all she was very pleasant to deal with.

She's great and I told others about her great service and smiling face. Way to go Lowes!

You don't always have to get angery, just let a manager know that they have an employee that needs more training and how you were treated.


I've worked at Lowes of smithfield for 11 years, and I know for a fact, that she did not wair 4 hrs. Lowes policy is 20 minutes or less for on-line orders.

As for the associate rexring, our phones are not set up to e-mail,text, etc. No cellphones are allowed on the sales flor. Further, the Store Manager and Operatios Manager have an office less than 10 feet from counter.

Exeration is one thing, but 4 hrs? BS


well you live in north carolina that explains it. They are too busy lounging.


People can't read your mind. All you have to do is ask.

Believe it or not, sometimes places are under staffed, and if thats the case then one person may be doing 2 or 3 peoples' job. If they are texting, just interrupt politely. How in the world would it take 4 hours?

Ask for help, if it doesnt come in 5 to 10 minutes, ask again. I smell exaggeration.


Yeah! Use your voice.

Contact info provided by:

www.lowesceo.com :(


You have fingers so I am assuming that you have a mouth. FREAKIN USE IT!

When I stand waiting longer than 10 min I open my mouth. First politly. Should nothing happen a little force and sarcasim. Still nothing I get loud and demand a manager.

All told I never wait longer than 20 min.

Grow the *** up and grow a pair.