Normal, Illinois

Lowe's did not have 2 chaise lounge chairs in stock that matched the patio set I had just purchased on 5-31-08. They said they would be in on 6-13-08 and would call when I could pick them up.

No I went to the store on 6-15-08 to see if they were in. They had come in and sold them without calling me to tell me they were in!! I have a family reunion that I was needing them for on 6-21-08!

Then they called to say they credited my credit card so I no longer have the merchandise to pick up! I was planning to purchase plants at Lowe's...but not now.

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so why did you wait til a few weeks before the reunion to purchase the chairs?

Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States #17197

OMG. Imagine the horrible inconvenience you have suffered.

If this is the trivial run of the mill suburban whining this site is about, I feel no need to go further.

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