Tampa, Florida

we bought a door from Lowes/the salesman took our measurements and gave us a door. the door didnt fit.

they argued over the phone several times and different stories were told to us by different people / out and lies. they would not make good and we said fine pick up the door and give us our money back. they said no/ they would rent us a truck and bring it back ourselves. first of all we both have arthritis and cant pick them up and lift them into a truck and secondly this was thier mistake and we feel they should pick it up.

secondly, they recently measured our floors for tile and they measured over 100 sq.

ft more than the other company(the other co. did it and they had left over)

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The doors at the building supply houses are generally manufactured using the same materials as the doors at the boxes... I would have to say that shipping/handling takes a toll on Lowe's doors, whereas building supply's are better for not being damaged.


It si anazing how people think they are getting a deal with these outfits. I am a contractor and there are no deals at Lowes,Menards,Home depot.

I can always get a better quality product at the local lumberyard at the same price or less.

These places have *** products at the price you can get a quality one for. As for Sally boo hoo you keep going there you deserve it.


why would you contract them to do your floors if you felt they did your door incorrectly?

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #54856

Boo hoo hooooo :cry

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