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We bought a $2,000 refrigerator in December, 2009. Everything in the crisper drawers freezes so we have thrown out a lot of food and have no place to put produce.

In August, the icemaker stopped working. The store had us jump thru hoops for 4 months, and today told us they don't stand behind anything after 90 days! I told the operations manager (Don Smith for those who live in Yuma). He was downright nasty to us. I told him that after 4 months of making us jump through hoops, he should fight it out with Whirlpool. He was unsympathetic and said, "It is your problem - not ours."

We have had six service calls wasting at least 12 hours of our time away from work. The service people were unprofessional and belligerent but we put up with the bad treatment.

The service man said it was the reverse osmosis system and that Whirlpool does not stand behind a refrigerator hooked to R.O, which was a lie. But Lowes said that the icemakers won't work with R.O. so we disconnected it.

The water is terrible in Yuma, and Lowes says we can't have R.O even tho our old refrigerator made ice. He said that they don't make the refrigerators as good as they used to.

I cannot even begin to describe the frustration that this unprofessional, uncaring company has caused us.

Here is the lesson: When you go to the "big box" stores, they care about sales, not service. They are "Too big to fail" and could care less about your satisfaction. Support your local businesses who care about your patronage. Soon the big box stores will push all the little businesses out and no one will care about your satisfaction.

Either that or keep your old refrigerator.

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Lefkada, Levkas, Greece #228876

I have the receipts (including the extended warranty which means nothing), and Whirlpool won't stand behind it either.

When you pay $2,000 for a refrigerator that doesn't work, and neither Lowes nor Whirlpool will stand behind it, and you have some *** at the store say"it's your problem - not ours." Then you say I am acting like a child!!!!

You're acting like a biased employee whose salary is paid by Lowes. Of course you won't recognize that there is a problem. WHY????

Because you care about sales - not service after the sale. And to solve it, you say I am being a child.

Thanks for proving my point! A typical Lowes response to a real problem.

And by the way. I will gladly pay a higher price to buy from Mom & Pop, because they care about their customers, so they service what they sell. UNLIKE LOWES!

And Rom - Part of the frustration has been that Whirlpool won't do anything either - so we're just out $2,000. So if you are ever dumb enough to buy from Lowes, and you lose $2,000, then LOL to you too. That's real mature.


Lowe's didn't build the fridge. Keep your receipt, call the manufacturer and get the number for a local servicer, and cut out Lowe's.

Also, of course they care about sales. I hate to break it to you but they are a business. If you go to a mom and pop shop you may find their prices higher than Wal-Mart. Why?


Don't be such a child


LOL...because Lowe's built the fridge and therefore is the one screwing you over...RIGHT!

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