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I've had a lowes credit card for 4 years all of the sudden they pull my credit score my available credit went from 1170$to 740$with out warning found out when we went to lowes and the card was declined we felt like common criminals any way in that 4 years we paid the card off in full twice and have never been late on a payment so we didnt get any thing out of being loyal customers we are really pissed weve been on the phone with these *** s for 2 days all they can say this is our policy and they wish there was something they could do heres a thought treat us like we're the valued customers we were!oh well guess they wont get any more money from us!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $420.

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You are blaming the wrong company. Lowes doesn't issue credit cards.

Another company issues the card with Lowes name on it.

Obviously your credit score has dropped. You can't expect any company to keep offering the same line of credit if you score goes down.