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They were supposed to deliver the dishwasher we purchased over a month ago, between 9 and noon. No one ever showed.

No one called. My husband had to email them to get any response and they simply said they never got the item and that they will deliver over a week later, on May 6th, which is a Sunday. We seriously doubt they actually will deliver that Sunday, especially now that I have seen about a thousand one-star ratings for them throughout various review sites. The thing that *** me off most is their utter disregard for us, the customer.

We never used them before to buy our appliances, we used Home Depot. They actually do call you when they are delivering, and keep you informed, and are a thousand times better than Lowes. I didn't love Home Depot at all before, which is why we went with Lowes this time, (Home Depot had rescheduled our fridge delivery last month 2 or 3 days before they were supposed to originally deliver) but at least they called to make sure we were informed and not waiting around. I had sat around with an 11-month-old and my thumb up my butt way after the delivery window, despite the fact I had hired a babysitter that day so that I could go out and work, and yet I still paid her, because she was scheduled to work, and it wasn't her fault Lowes sucks donkey d#%^@, and I don't leave people in a lurch like this company did to us.

(She doesn't speak English, so I didn't want to leave her to deal with them.) So they rescheduled two more times, finally delivering today, (and my child is over a year old now). The guys literally dumped the box in my kitchen and walked away after taking a picture. They didn't install it or even take off the box. Just left it in my kitchen.

I seriously couldn't hate this company more. I don't know why I tipped the delivery guys, but I still did, because I'm not a jerk and they did haul it up the stairs. I had told my husband to cancel the order, but he forgot all about it since it took so long, and suddenly we received a text last night when we were in bed saying it would be delivered today. Plus, I should have canceled it since it pissed me off so much, but I was lazy and left the responsibility on his shoulders...

Of course, the timing worked out that it was during my son's nap time, though that is not their fault, and so our kid woke up. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

I will be going elsewhere for our washer and dryer and new stove and microwave. I have never hated a company more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: There is no solution. My solution is to never buy from this company again, and to tell everyone I know not to either..

Lowes Pros: Price of the product.

Lowes Cons: Customer service sucks, Delivery sucked, Company sucks.

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