I was a Store Manager for Lowe's HIW in the south bay of Los Angeles CA. I opened a new store and had a successful staff in which I was proud to promote 4 Department Managers to a salary position. This company treats you well and has plenty of growth opportunity given the current economic climate in the retail sector. I regret leaving the company to pursue a dream of working in a specific field in which things did not pan out as expected. Trust me when I say this! If you enjoyed what you did before you left the company, truly think through your actions prior to making a life changing decision. I would love to work for the company again because if you can demonstrate sharp business acumen and people skills you will be successful. Thanks for the opportunity Lowe's and one day maybe we can build something together again.



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I have had great store managers and Asms,I have also had had the bottom of the barrel.The most difficult part of working here is low staffing.These stores are huge and require a decent amount of people to run.Part timers come and go so fast I don't even get their names.I would be amazed if these huge dinosaurs are around much longer.


Are you trying to say, That they didn't kiss your hind end or did they?

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