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I purchased a dishwasher on line and called to make sure it would be installed. I was told they would and they came the next day with the new dishwasher.

I then found out they were not going to install it as I did not purchase in the store and sign a contract. That was not told to me. After numerous calls to the manager of appliances I went to the store. They could not find my order (although I showed it to them on my iphone) and the appliance manager was not to be found.

After 2 unsatisfying hours I left. I still have the dishwasher in my kitchen in a box

Monetary Loss: $509.

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this was successfully resolved and they did install the dishwasher free of charge


Not a lot of people know that a contract has to be signed for a dishwasher to be installer. It requires a little bit of plumbing, so they are required to have a plumber do it.

In your defense, you were told by the rep.

(did you get his/her name?)that Lowe's would install the dishwasher. Contact the district manager or corporate if you haven't already.

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