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To hear this creates such Stress on people. One of my comrads was in a Lowes store recently and she heard of this and this fellow was saying they just took away 30% of his earnings, and he can't pay his mortgage.

She shared with him a solution and how he could resolve it. He was open to hearing anything

what does he do?, work the weekends as well. I feel badly for these people. It's a shock.

If anyone wants to chat, maybe I can give you some ideas to help you work it out. Best Wishes, Mary

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I find it amusing to hear about not following up with your customers and not caring. First off, you folks do nothing more than stand at terminals ignoring customers in other departments.

You don't do any recovery in departments, and most of all, you hardly follow up with customers anyway. Trust me, I have taken many complaints related to you people not following up. You are in the 90% pay scale so do us a favor and quite so we can find someone else who cares.

Good luck finding the same job with the same pay. :cry


They still want sales number and are coming up with new and more politically correct ways to threaten us. At this point I really dont care what they do.

I sold all my Lowes stocks and put the money in a safe fund. There is enough to pay off all of my bills House car etc. So bring it Niblock go on can the specialists. I really dont care any more.

Too many years of headaches. I can assure you the days of pushing to be in the regional 25 are over. No more after work stops, No more calling customers, If they buy they buy I will give them the best deal I can but I wont badger them anymore. Hire some telephone operators to do that Im done.

As for the customers out there. Dont expect us to sit with you for hours changing your kitchens around while you sip your stinking coffee.

I am presenting 2 designs from here out. Ofcourse they can be tweeked but I am done with doing interior designer work for big box software operators pay....


Yep....That's right. Back in mid-Febuary all of Lowes kitchen, flooring and appliance Specialists were given just 3 DAYS NOTICE that they would not be paid commission/SPIFFS on any sales made.

This move is to supposedly make all employees equal.

It's all part of the company's philosophy of "Me to We". Isn't that actually a form of Communisim?

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