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Went with my mom to purchase tile for my house. My mom made the purchase for me and we specified that the tile would need to be delivered to my address.

The staff told us they didn't have enough tile at the store to complete my order so they said they would call me when the order was ready to be delivered. I told them I had no problem waiting for the order.. We paid for our order and waited several days for them to call. About a week after that, they attempted to deliver 5 pallets of mixed dye lot tiles to my house" not even the correct order." Well i had no idea that my order was ready to deliver because I never received a call, nor did my mother.

Nobody answered the door at my house since we had not expected a delivery yet. The driver decided to take the order to my mothers home instead. My mom, at that time, had assumed that they had scheduled the delivery with me ahead of time and that maybe I had made a mistake of not answering the door or not being home for the drop off. So she told them to just leave the 5 pallettes of tile outside on her carport because she didn't know what else to do.

Later that day i got home and found out what happened so I called lowes to inform them that this delivery had never been scheduled ahead of time. I requested that they "schedule" a re delivery to the correct house with the correct order, so that I can be aware of the delivery and prepare for it. They assured me that they would redeliver the pallette the next day anytime from 8am to 12pm. The next day, i waited at home for the delivery, nobody showed up so i called lowes again.

I spoke with a different staff member this time and she told me that the driver had no idea that he was supposed to redeliver the tile that day. He said that my mother already accepted the tile. So I explained everything again to this new staff member. I explained that the delivery was never scheduled with me or my mother, we had no idea the order was even ready.

I explained that the order was wrong as well and that the dye lot numbers did not match. There were several different types of boxes with different dye lot numbers on them all mixed within these pallettes. I should have had all of the same exact dye lot numbers on all of the boxes. We spent over 2,000 on this order of tile and specified a certain dye lot # for the entire order because we wanted the tile to match through the whole house.

The original sales lady told us to order all of the same dye lots so that we don't end up with mismatched tiles and that is what we did. Anyway, the new staff member explained that the driver was possibly confused. She told me that she rescheduled the delivery of the correct order for another day.. So now I am expecting the delivery and I am at least aware that it is supposed to be delivered on a certain day.

Hopefully they deliver the correct order this time but I am not confident that they will. Im not sure they will even show up at all.. I hope Im not stuck with 5 huge pallettes of mismatched tiles.

I will probably ask for a refund if nobody shows up to deliver on the specified day or if they deliver the wrong order again. At that point I will probably just buy my tile from a different company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Update: today a staff from Lowes called and informed me that they had decided to refund my money. Then, she said that I could just pay for my order over the phone and that she would just pull my order from other stores and have them delivered.

This makes no sense to me at all. I had not asked for a refund although I had been damn tempted to. Why would they refund my money and then call me to ask me to pay for my order all over again? This sounded so shady and now I have a really bad feeling about this situation.

I only need three pallettes of tiles with matching dye lots, this shouldn't be this difficult to accomplish. Anyway, I told the staff that I would have to confirm that a refund had been sent and credited back onto my debit card before arranging to pay for the order all over again. I explained that I did not want to be charged twice for the same order. Well, I called my bank and the customer service rep with my bank informed me that a refund had not been credited to my account and that there was no refund pending from Lowes.

So, I called Lowes and asked to speak with the same staff member that had called me earlier to inform me about "the refund." apparently that staff was on a lunch break so I will have to try again later. I am so tired of dealing with this. Why cant they just get the order right, pull the correct 3 pallettes with matching dye lots, schedule the delivery with me, drop off the correct order to the correct house and also it would help out a lot if they sent a sober delivery driver.

The last delivery driver reeked of alcohol and sounded confused. To be continued


Update: Today they attempted to deliver another order of mismatched pallettes of tile with different dye lots. Whoever pulls the orders at the warehouse seems to just pull random pallettes with different dye lot numbers..

I just looked at the pallettes before the delivery driver even bothered to get them off the truck. I spoke with the staff at the store again and she told me that she would personally pull my order. The delivery driver offered to pull my order himself as well. At least i don't have huge pallettes of "random" tile sitting outside my moms carport anymore lol.

The delivery driver picked them up. Will try one more time and see what happens :/

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