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This may sound like a silly complaint, but my father is currently adding on to his house and updating certain rooms. My boyfriend and I plan on eventually buying the home, so we think it's important that I participate in a lot of the cosmetic decisions.

Every time we go to Lowe's, which is just down the street from us so its really about location, the employees constantly talk over me, ignore me or interrupt me while I'm speaking. I'm aware that I look young, but employees should probably avoid treating their customers as if they were ignorant children. When I say an attic vent is located on the West wall, I mean it is on the West wall and I did NOT mean the East wall. I know my directions, I've lived in this city for most of my life.

And I believe that I do know which metal best matches our appliances in the bathroom, and I do not believe these employees who have never seen the house know better. If I'm trying to cut the wrong wire, then by all means, jump in and stop me from killing us, but if I'm trying to have a conversation with my father about cosmetic features of a home, then butt out.

Seriously, you would think that employees would understand that I have the final say. I will do things myself before I let them ever come into my home again. Honestly, even the window installation was terrible. The men practically yelled at me because my father chose an ignorant contractor. I quit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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