Porter, Texas

i have been a customer of lowes for 15 years was in there eveyday! had a credit card but never used it until a year ago been paying cash for eveything i have electrical buisness.

been paying 100.00 a month every month on the 8th month since i charged $1.200 got behind one month was charged $30 paid it and the balance off and lowes canceals my card. lowes are guilty of way more. even accused me of stealing a tape measure that was bought there a year before i hate lowes now, will go to home depot ace hardware anwhere but *** lowes!!!!!

and dont trust those guys that work electrical they will get you and -?? killed the ones in kingwood texas for sure....

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GE Bank cant know you paid cash and is to big to care. The day of personal servive and care is over.

You are just one person among 4 billion.

You can only play if you follow the rules. "Strike one" and your out !


Please, like the 3 of you have never gotten behind in a payment. You sit on your high horse and act like you never had hard times or got behind with bills...THANKS FOR THAT LAUGH! :grin


I bet you have never had a complaint for any of your work. If you are as good as you lead us to believe,YOU WOULD HAVE PAID YOUR BILL ON TIME AS YOU AGREED TO DO!

HONOR the contract!!

Ever been late on your house,vehicle payments? Every charge a customer for full rolls of wire, but job required 1 3/4 roll, but you kept the rest!


Lowes is not the guilty party again. It is you.

Be an adult and pay your bill off time. Does not matter if you followed the rules all the time, if you break them do the adult thing and admit you are guilty.


Again why...? LOWE'S is not a bank...

your credit card is not through the Bank of LOWE'S!!

With the new credit laws creditors are protecting all assets... GE Money Bank handels your credit card speak with them.