Grand Junction, Colorado
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Bought a troy bilt snow blower last winter. I used the machine apx.

6 times. Following mfg. instructions i ran it out of gas for the summer.Upon learing we were to have a large snowstorm i filled with new gas and proceeded to start. While attemptting to start the recoil rope broke.

Ithen called lowes to return/repair unit. I was told it would be sent out for repair. I then recieved over a foot of snow. No snow blower.

I then called about status and was told after they had it for two weeks that the parts are back ordered from china and it would be at least a couple more weeks before they would recieve the parts. I just got another 4"of snow glad i bought a snow blower. E-mailed lowes to complain and they had the same store that i bought it from call me to basically tell me it is what it is maybe it will be back in a week or two.

More snow coming on monday .next time i will use the money to hire someone instead of a buying from LOWES. thanks for the great customer service

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Why didn't you fix it yourself? All you need is some good cord (I like parachute cord) and a screwdriver..... You buy items that you don't know how to fix, or atleast fix the most common problems?


The warantee of a product is provided by the company who built it. Lowes is not responsible if your product breaks down.

If you were smart, you would have your snow blower serviced during the summer so it is ready to use in the fall.

I bet you didn't even change the oil did you? If you had bought the Extended Protection, you would have been added to the priority list for repairs.


I work for Lowe's and no, I definitely would not purchase any power equipment such as a mower, snow-thrower, etc. from them.

Don't get me wrong, Lowe's is great for small, carry-out hardware items, (probably better than HD or Menards), but, if something happens to your mower, snow-thrower, etc. be prepared to be without it for anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

You would be better off taking it to a local small repair shop in town, pay for the repair, then have Lowe's reimburse you for the repair. Or, just buy the mower from the small, independent shop from the get-go and avoid this run-around.


I bought Toro 1800 electric on April 2009. I tried to use it on Dec 19,2009 when it snowed.

It wasn't working. I called Lowes they told me to take it to authorized dealer because is more than 30 days.

I went to authorized Toro dealer and they told me is defective to call Toro Company. I did so far no luck


You should have looked to see if the local repair center for MTD products had the parts in stock. If yes, then you should have brought the unit to the repair center.

Most home improvement centers sell replacement pull start ropes. I have changed out many on lawnmowers. Be glad you didn't get it from the HOME DEPOT.

They would have treated you far worse than LOWES. I know that from personal experience with their company


Have a complaint.

Contact Lowe's CEO Robert Niblock directly @ his house@ He may not be home, could be cruising around on his jet.

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