Martinsburg, West Virginia

While in Lowes home emprovement store in Livingston, Teaxa on August 24, 2011, I went up to the check out to pay for my items. There were about 4 employes standing off to the side of the check out area bullshiting, when a duputy sherrif walked up with a few items in his basket.

Imedately one of the employes ran over to check out his items, so being the shortestline I walked up to be checked out also. Thats whin I really got pissed off. There was only one other checker working and she had 6 people standing in line waiting. When i walked up behind the deputy to get checked out I was told I would have to get in the other line.

So I told the deputy to go screw him self and left basket and merchandise there and left and went to another store.

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Its was a special event appreciating police officers


Wow ur a shovenistic pig... Who the *** raised u????

I understand ur frustration but u hit ur wife?

Are u *** kidding? I am sure togs cashiers coukd walk circles around u intellectually I hope one day u get why is coming to u because holy Christ u are an ignorant ***.


Arrested...why don't you just go right on back to your trailer park and stay there. You don't belong in public.

Alto, New Mexico, United States #334611

Why did you tell the deputy to go screw himself? Was he the person that told you to go to another line?

I think I would of gotten mad at the cashier instead of the deputy. I know I would of been making a few calls to Lowe's complaining on that store.

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